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PRE-ANN: CENTZ CROWDSALE - Billion dollar giftcard industry on the blockc

2 years 7 months ago - 2 years 6 months ago #1 by ccedk_pro
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START Mar 31, 2017 at 08.00UTC; END May 30, 2017 20.UTC

Welcome to the Centz crowdsale powered by OpenLedger and its suite of crowdfunding solutions.

OpenLedger & Ronny Boesing presents Centz, a first of its kind crowdfunding offer that we are bringing to you through our platform CCEDK. We are revolutionizing the investment world through the crowdfunding method of the future. Centz is the first of many offerings that we have identified as being revolutionary and disruptive.

OpenLedger is helping not only the startup to reach its goals, but at the same time making sure all sponsors and investors are given the real-time updates allowing an ever growing belief in the project. This happens throughout the life of the project. OpenLedger is the lead investor, making sure that protocol and payments are done in strict according with published milestones.

WHAT IS OpenLedger
OpenLedger started out as a decentralized exchange. It has now become a  decentralized conglomerate and has developed many businesses supported by recently revamped cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK. OpenLedger is a startup crowdfunding service provider, information exchange and ISO access point open to the public so anyone can participate in “deals of the future”. For the first time crypto investors of the world have the ability to get in front of the all the “professional”, “smart” money and reap the rewards that are usually reserved for a privileged few.


CENTZ - What we do

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Centz - Use all your giftcards like never before

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Centz will put every registered gift card identity and gift card balance on the universal gift card registery, which will be on the blockchain, providing total security and safety.
  • First universal gift card register placed on the blockchain
  • First time gift card identities are on the blockchain
  • First time gift card fraud is eliminated

Centz is a revolutionary fintech company that is going to first disrupt the worldwide $1 trillion USD dollar gift card market, and then change it in ways that have never been imagined.

Centz coins represent an opportunity for any individual to participate in a ground floor opportunity of a next generation of financial technology company.
  • Participating in the Centz ISO allows you to invest in early rounds of funding, which up until now, has been the exclusive territory of the super rich
  • Participating in the Centz ISO provides you with the largest outsized risk-adjusted returns compared to any investment
  • Participating in the Centz ISO gives you access to institutional-quality equity offering online and in real time, truly the wave of the future
  • Participating in the Centz ISO eliminates the historical minimum investment requirements for private equity deals
  • Participating in the Centz ISO lets you become a venture capitalist

Centz has filed two patents that are groundbreaking and revolutionary that protect our business model and creates unique blockchain encryption security to prevent gift card fraud and money laundering. Centz is poised to file three additional patents that will secure additional IP that surrounds and extends our core technology.


By 2020, millennials will represent over 75 percent of total income growth globally. In addition, millennials will be approximately 30 percent of the population in the US, Europe, and China. And they will have 40 percent of income, making them a critical segment to capture for retail brands.
  • Centz solutions capture the largest segment of this dynamic market with our mobile wallet
  • Centz delivers relentless customer service second to none
  • Centz utilized both implicit and explicit data to tailor the entire web and mobile user experience
  • Centz is building a energized customer base that will engage in recurring transactions
  • Centz provides outsourced fraud management so retailers can focus on growing their business

Centz coins are an asset backed by the class A common shares of CENTZ common stock and will have a yearly dividend payment.

All revenue payments will be made by OpenLedger thru their platform CCEDK and will be to registered owners of CENTZ tokens on the anniversary date of the closing of the ISO .

Should the crowdfunding campaign fail to reach its minimum capital goal of $2 million USD, then all funds will be returned.

All funds will be dispersed according to the milestone timeline and be administered by OpenLedger using a multi signature wallet administered by three people.Ronny Boesing, CEO OpenLedger, Ronald Kramer, Chairman Bitshares Foundation and one more minimum coming up to be disclosed prior to start of crowdsale

If the minimum amount of $2 million USD is not raised, then all funds will be returned.

The founders of CENTZ will hold no tokens and thus have no ability to profit from the ISO in any way. The founders are committed to building the next mega sized business, such as Facebook, Uber & Airbnb.


How to invest in the ‘Centz Gold Bucks’ Token Crowd Sale

Blockchain Startup Centz Goes After Billions in Breakage

Making Centz of this Crypto Crowdsale @GetCentz

This start up is about to revolutionize how billions in retail dollars are spent

Disruptive 'Crypto' Startup Centz Eyes $160Bn Gift Cards Market

Centz Vows to Give You Control of Your Gift Card Money Via OpenLedger ICO at Money 2020

Centz Gift Card Service to Host ICO on OpenLedger


The Idiot's Guide To Laundering $9 Million

Gift Card Fraud: Part of a Growing Trillion-Dollar Global Epidemic

Blockchain 'Crypto' Crowdfunding Phenomenon Primed For Industry Disruption & Beyond

Giant Food Sees Giant Card Fraud Spike

Gift card exchange site draws scrutiny as bad cards trip up consumers

A % of the ISO is reserved for or early-stage marketing and bounty campaigns which will be distributed to everyone who contributes to the CENTZ ISO before and during the ISO . We offer bounties for:
translations and forum moderation,
Bitcointalk signatures: information coming soon

Centz Facebook
Centz Twitter


An additional conversion right of the Centz coin is the ability to convert into Centz Gold Bucks, which can be used to buy gift cards listed on the Centz platform. The conversion of Centz coin into Centz Gold Bucks will be at a ratio of 2 (two) Centz coin for 1 (one) Centz Gold Buck.

All Centz coins will be tradeable the first day after the ISO concludes. The 16 million Centz coins will convert into 16,000,000 shares of Centz Class A common stock.

Jon Bricken, CEO
Swen Swenson, President
Ronny Boesing, OpenLedger ICO Team
Annemieke Dirkes, OpenLedger ICO Team

Greg Belken, CTO
Mark R. Smelcer, CPO

Coming soon

Before the start of Centz's crowdsale get more info about  "Early Bird" offer here:
Centz "Early Bird" special offer

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2 years 6 months ago - 2 years 6 months ago #2 by ccedk_pro
Our new article about Centz and Gift Card Market

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Centz — Use all your giftcards like never before
One of Centz’s long term goals is to forge Gold Bucks into a stand-alone cryptocurrency that will be traded as an valuable asset itself while being utilized for all kinds of stored value transfers.

To reach that pivot point, Centz is constructing the most efficient gift card registration and trading platform in the world.
Registering all individual identities and gift card balances on the blockchain eliminates the biggest problems and restrictions for the safe and secure use of gift cards. Concurrently, Centz will disrupt the gift card market leveraging the blockchain to generate revenue in ways that have never been done before.

Blockchain technology allows Centz to deliver cutting edge security to totally eliminate fraud and money laundering. Similar to credit cards, the % of fraudulent activity is on the rise which ruins the shopping experience for all. Our proprietary blockchain solutions will be adopted by the retail industry once breakage is eliminated. Partnering with Centz is the only way that the industry can “make up” for the lost funds of breakage.
Currently the industry pays 4 ½% to both the issuer and seller of gift cards. Centz will provide both of these functions together more efficiently and at lower cost by issuing totally safe egift cards securely locked on to our blockchain.

As the shift to online, storage, sales and delivery of egift cards increases, the Centz wallet will become the only option which combines gift, reward, loyalty and coupon credits in one place, so they are always available for immediate use.

Centz’s vision is one where we see the true potential of gift cards by combining the use of the blockchain, which will enable Centz to revolutionize the payment industry in ways that are unimagined today by this sleepy and forgotten industry.

Read the full artcile here: medium.com/@openledger/centz-gift-cards-...6e7af94c3#.bn5db3s0a

Before the start of Centz's crowdsale get more info about  "Early Bird" offer here:
Centz "Early Bird" special offer

Follow Centz on Socials:

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2 years 6 months ago #3 by ccedk_pro
Centz Crowdsale Date has been changed to March 31st

As OpenLedger has managed to get a good amount of extra partners involved and to allow them all to benefit of the time to introduce US based Centz to their network, it has been decided to move the start date of the Centz token crowdsale to March 31st 2017. The partners will be announced step by step in coming weeks.

OpenLedger Investments ApS will be the inital beneficiary of all funds collected in this crowdsale and will make sure in co-operation with the designated escrow partners that funds released for Centz is happening according to set milestones.

OpenLedger Investments ApS as offical and lead investor into Centz will have equity in the company Centz and all investors having joined the Centz crowdsale will have an equivalent access to all as well as the revenues on the base of dividend so called token drop via the token CNTZ issued and distributed on OpenLedger and its BItShares network.  

OpenLedger Aps and its decentralized ecosystems will receive payment for the handling and operation of the ITO (Initial Token Offering) of which the asset holders ICOO will benefit receiving an approximate 3% of total amount crowdfunded as part of the revenue distribution. This future revenue will hopefully be the second significant indicator of the value of the future ICOO.

Since another estimated 1,5% will be used on OBITS and BTSR, Centz will be the second proof of value based on the incorporated crossmarketing features involving the entire OpenLedger DC.

Finally all Centz investors including OpenLedger Investments will receive an option to buy into OpenLedger revenues via the official token of the OpenLedger DC called OBITS in the form of a warrant. This warrant as well as the token CNTZ is to be distributed and possibly traded from second week of crowdsale.

I hope you will all enjoy and take part in these projects as part of building proof of work almost, of a Crowdfunding platform expected to launch finally last quarter of 2017, however, using the tools, solutions, network and partners to roll out one proof after the other in coming months allowing me to think we are about to present something special and unique not offered by anyone, anywhere in the world.

End goal here is to allow a Crowdfunding solution involving consumers, investors, developers and startups to enjoy great results on the base of digital leadership through a decentralized conglomerate of ecosystems.

Centz team and Ronny Boesing, CEO, OpenLedger ApS

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2 years 6 months ago #4 by ccedk_pro
It just makes CENTZ!

Centz has designed a completely new business model by integrating unique patent pending features into our platform that solves the industry problems from end-to-end. This provides a positive and fun experience that focuses solely on our consumers. Centz’s business model bridges the gaps between consumer desire and the reality of gift card usage and redefines the gift card marketplace, making the gift card experience revolutionary, seamless, safe and easy.

Hear more about Centz on Beyond Bitcoin #191 (2nd Segment) HERE

Follow Centz on Socials:

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2 years 5 months ago #5 by ccedk_pro
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Don't miss on OpenLedger Youtube Channel: The founders of Internet of Coins and Centz presenting their platforms in person!

Join our LiveStream on March, 20, 6 pm GMT

Read this and other OpenLedger breaking news!

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2 years 4 months ago #6 by ccedk_pro

CENTZ’s much-anticipated ITO will be delayed until further notice, stating that the owners of Centz, in view of the most recent developments, need to double-check the legal arrangements regarding USA citizens participating in the crowdsale. It is commendable that CENTZ has this view and observes the highest professional standards in conducting business.

The future date of the ITO will be announced on OpenLedger newsfeeds, once determined.

Participants in the CENTZ ITO have flexibility in what they wish to do with the tokens they have purchased up to date.

Participants may:
- Hold on to their tokens until the confirmed, official ITO takes place
- Convert their tokens to OBITS
- Have their funds returned to them upon request by emailing Ronny Boesing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ronny Boesing, Founder of OpenLedger, the platform hosting the ITO explained, “This can only be viewed as a positive as CENTZ will be more mature by the time they go public, and this will create less risk for participants.”

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kindest regards,

The OpenLedger Team

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1 year 10 months ago #7 by ccedk_pro

Do you have unspent gift cards? Are you still worried about the remaining balance in gift cards that cannot be used totally? Gift cards are the most popular form of a prepaid product sold in the USA. In 2016 alone, $160 billion dollars of gift cards in the United States, and $750 billion worldwide, have been sold, and up to 20% of them have never be redeemed. Centz, based in Denmark is the first company to leverage and apply blockchain technology to fundamentally change the gift card industry forever.

Centz’s creation of a universal gift card registry will be blockchain based and represent a chance to reimagine existing businesses, and create new business opportunities. This is where not only the identity of each gift card holder will be registered, but also where every gift card, reward and loyalty credit will be placed, onto the Centz mobile wallet.

However, the recent explosion in the use of gift cards has created a situation where millions of people have multiple unused gift cards with fractional balances that now sit abandoned and unused in homes all around the world.

According to a Blackhawk Network survey, 53% of shoppers receive cards and forget about them and 26% of shoppers receive cards for a retailer, restaurant or other merchant that they don’t frequent. 97% of those with unused gift cards had up to 10 unused gift card.

The surge in gift card purchases has proved hugely profitable for the retailers that issue them and the Credit CARD Act did not do much to address what happens when the less than the face value of a gift card is used and then the fractional balance sit in the junk drawer in perpetuity.

Jon Bricken, CEO of CENTZ, says, “What is interesting is that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allows companies to take unused gift-card money as income (breakage) once they can reasonably say the card won’t be redeemed, but there’s no set time limit. Many consumers do not use gift cards that they are given, resulting in unexercised customer rights, commonly known as breakage. We are giving the money back to the intended recipient.”

Bricken continued, “Retailers have recognized that it is increasingly to their benefit to sell more and more gift cards as up to 20% will never be redeemed and subsequently those unused funds can flow directly to the bottom line without having to deliver any goods or services.”

Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger agrees that Centz has found an ingenious solution to a genius system, stating, “Centz understands this as an opportunity to unlock or decouple these funds and turn them into universal forms of currency transfer and or payment worldwide. We believe this business model will give Centz the ability to unlock a large portion of this huge, multi billion-dollar market.”

The ITO for Centz will be announced shortly. Stay tuned.

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