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5 years 11 months ago #61 by ccedk_pro
The Latest Crowdsale News from OpenLedger

Get your Apptrade Bonus Now!

GREAT NEWS FOR ALL PARTICANTS in the AppTrade Initial Token Offering (ITO). We have added a BONUS, allowing you to receive even more tokens in your wallet.

Every time someone in your network orders and pays using a unique link we will generate and email to you, a 3% BONUS on every paid order will be dropped into your account.

FURTHERMORE, everyone you refer will receive a 2% BONUS, just for using your link!

At each Stage during the ITO, there is a GOAL, and participants within these Stages get special BONUSES.

A temporary token, the APPX.WARRANT, will be sent to every participant on the first day of Stage 3, when the ITO has reached its minimum goal of $1Million USD.

All Master token APPX coins will be tradeable exactly one year from the launch of the Apptrade platform, upon when participants can convert temporary tokens to the official Master tokens.


We're all familiar with Sherlock Holmes as investigator, dusting off some object for fingerprints. Fingerprints are unique to every person and an expression of our individuality.

As early as the year 650 the Chinese historian Kia Kung-Yen had already remarked that fingerprints could be used as a means of authentication. In the nineteenth century, it was rediscovered that they could be used to uniquely identify any person on this planet, and therefore this data was included in many identification documents, from the start of the twentieth century.

For the Internet of Coins project, we have also been developing innovative ways of securely establishing the identity of an account owner, inspired by the time-honoured practice of the fingerprint. Instead of a literal fingerprint, we use a digital encryption key unique to every user's account, that is used to 'sign' any transaction datagrams, so that both their origin as well as the authenticity of their original content can be verified by the receiver at all times.

In this way, users of the Internet of Coins have a way of knowing that transactions cannot be forged or modified by third parties. The contents of private contracts are also fully encrypted and untraceable on the network by any but those parties involved in the transaction. To everyone who is not given the secret keys to the transaction, the information in the contract is simply indistinguishable from random noise and this guarantees the confidentiality and immutability of the contracts on the Internet of Coins infrastructure.

For ordinary users, this means you can be sure every contract that you offer, in payment for your service or product, will be treated confidentially. This means there is an encrypted channel containing multiple encrypted tunnels between you and your seller, and every step of the transaction is mapped on the way. If the seller unexpectedly breaks out of the contract process, it will cost him credibility and he will not be considered for transaction handling any longer, as his reputation and earnings are on the line.

This process is automatic. All our regular transactions will be fingerprinted also, in such a way that anonymized generic comparisons are possible. This way that the system "knows" what a regular transaction looks like. If any transaction is irregular, the Internet of Coins will pick up on it and ask for extra verification. That way, you as user can decide for yourself what transaction limits you set for your stored value. Simple built in checks and services will help you to prevent overspending and it increases your security.

Using such methods, the Internet of Coins is designed to promote both a safe as well as decentralized architecture, with a focus to unify blockchains in a way that has not before been conceived, which is the basic mantra of the cryptosphere. This means the Internet of Coins is like a glue between various blockchain technologies, in how you administrate your energy, how you pay your bills, and how you participate in community decision making. That way the environment should offer people worldwide the tools to drive their organisations in a way that empowers their communities.


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5 years 10 months ago #62 by ccedk_pro

OBITS and ICOO etched their place in history this week when they made their first appearance on the ATM.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting development!

19 April 2017 – (London, England) – The OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate (DC), the world's first blockchain powered conglomerate, is based on BitShares technology, and supports an ecosystem which includes the OpenLedger DEX and OpenLedger’s Crowdfunding (ITO) Services.

As the OpenLedger DC is built on a permission based Bitshares Blockchain MIT Graphene Toolkit Technology, it has many advantages over Bitcoin technology. The BitShares blockchain platform is driven by a consensus mechanism and consists of a network of permission-less nodes networked together in a peer-to-peer (P2P) configuration.

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She nervously boarded the flight. "Anything to declare?" the customs officer asked. If she showed the ten thousand dollars in her travel pouch, would the officer not make trouble? Maria needed to take the money into Mali, because the workers of the maternity ward in a remote country village needed to be paid, and there is no banking infrastructure in the outback of Mali. She was a volunteer from a charity service that simply had no other way to support their workers and the mothers and babies in their care. How else could they buy much needed medicines and practice their art, to bring the newly born safely into this world?

The officer glanced at the long line quickly with a bored expression, and waved at Maria's queue that they should move quickly through the checkpoint. The people behind her thronged to pass through, and in the hustle Maria breathed a sigh of relief. This time the money would reach its destination unharmed. By chance. If only every transfer would go so well. Maria's example here is a story. But this situation happens time and time again around the world, with unpredictable outcomes.

People like Maria, who are physically taking money to Africa, take risks to support families and livelihoods. In expat communities around the world, the common voice is that tariffs imposed on sending money via electronic banking transactions are a growing problem, for those wishing to sustain their families while working abroad.

To send money to other countries, there are tariffs of between five to ten percent of the sum just for transferring it to another location on the globe. Much of this fee is hidden in unfavourable exchange rates. In times of internet, these amounts could be easily transferred via Blockchain solutions.

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Learn more about Internet of Coins

19 April 2017 – (London, England) – Participants in the AppTrade Initial Token Offering (ITO) will immediately receive a 3% BONUS, allowing for a greater return in their outlay.

Powered by the digital token APPX, Apptrade creates portfolios, or groups, of apps, where if one of those apps becomes the next Instagram or Angry Birds, then the value of the portfolio rises.

Every time someone in the participants’ network orders APPX, a 3% BONUS on every paid order will be dropped into the participants’ account. What is even better is that everyone that is referred will also receive a 2% BONUS, just for ordering APPX.

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OpenLedger are Presenting at:
Shanghai special meetup, May 6
Beijing, within the dates May 3-9
Consensus, New York, May 23

...more to come in coming weeks!

Yours sincerely,
Ronny Boesing and OpenLedger Team

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5 years 10 months ago #63 by ccedk_pro
OpenLedger ApS is hiring Country Ambassadors

Commission Only Position

We don’t just take anyone. We want the best.

OpenLedger ApS are looking for Country Ambassadors worldwide who can officially represent our projects (current and future) to their local blockchain and business environments. We wish to have representatives speaking as many languages as there are countries, and countries may have more than one Ambassador, depending on size and geographic location.

If you have excellent communication skills, digital marketing skills and the experience in PR, sales or marketing to back it up, and you are interested in blockchain and future technologies, plus a deep desire to boost your career one of the most dynamic blockchain platforms, then we want to hear from you.

Conditions of employment: We are hiring on commission only basis. The commission from the various revenue streams we offer is paid in OBITS – a digital token powered by YOU, the OpenLedger DC, the ecosystem and their participants.

OBITS are the official digital token of the OpenLedger DC allowing token holders to reap a proportional share of the profits on OpenLedger, and any further projects added in the future. OBITS can be converted to BTS or FIAT currency, as desired by you.

Details and structures of commission payouts will be discussed with final candidates.

Commissionable Products:

You will be able to get commission from

the contracts you will make in connection with advertising activities.
all of the active signup’s you have made referring and helping your network of bloggers become part of the Bloggers Club activity in your assigned geographical area.
all sales of products within our organization achieved by referred bloggers who are part of the VIP Bloggers Club program.
all sales of products within our organization achieved by referred ambassadors.
all sales of products within our organization achieved by yourself.
Wil you receive an official contract? Yes!

Please apply ONLY if you are interested in commission based work.

To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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5 years 10 months ago #64 by ccedk_pro

May ICOO Monthly BTC Sharedrop. OBITS and BTSR May Buyback

During the buyback on May 2, 2017, a burn of 109,715 OBITS was executed. Congratulations!


109,715 OBITS were burned. 1.02 BTC was used to buy back OBITS from BTC wall.

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May ICOO Monthly BTC Sharedrop To 451 Token Holders 2% Of Marketcap

On May 3rd, 2017, 451 ICOO token holders received the fourth of future monthly BTC sharedrops in a 50 minutes give-a-way frenzy on OpenLedger.

The amount of 3,295 BTC out of a total 8,460 Bitcoins allocated for distribution was sent out to ICOO holders all now being able to take part in the rise of BTC value, along with the rise  of well-established altcoins and assets out there. It’s 2017, and proving to be the Year of the Blockchain.
Furthermore, 3.9 BTC were used to buy back and burn ICOO.

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In case you've missed our previous news

Invest in the Hottest ITO to Date: AppTrade

Internet of Coins Pass Minimum Fundraising Goal During ITO

May 15th, 2017 DinoMess Launches its BETA Release on a Global Scale

OpenLedger are Presenting at:
Shanghai special meetup May 6, as well as the time within May 4 to May 10
Consensus, New York,  May 22-24

...more to come in coming weeks!

Yours sincerely,

Ronny Boesing and OpenLedger Team

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5 years 9 months ago #65 by ccedk_pro
Danish Blockchain Company, OpenLedger, Takes China By Storm With ViewFin Partnership

Danish Blockchain Company, OpenLedger ApS, has signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with ViewFin, the market leader in Blockchain technology and the developer of Metaverse™, the first public Blockchain in China.

According to the partnership agreement, ViewFin will provide a full range of support to help OpenLedger with their business development in China, including cooperation of marketing, product and client platform. At the same time, OpenLedger will help ViewFin in the expansion of the European market with their resources. Furthermore, from today, Entropy (ETP), the Official Currency of Metaverse™, will be available on the OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX). OBITS, BitCNY, and BitShares (BTS) are planned to launch shortly on ViewFin’s exchange in a reciprocal agreement.

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The Latest News about Crypviser and Its ICO

Check our latest video from Prague!

Ronny Boesing OpenLedger CEO is talking about Crypviser. Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Prague, May 19, 2017

Read other Crypviser news!

Hacking Expensive Government Systems is A Thing of The Past with Crypviser, The Most Secure, Encrypted Communication Platform

Crypviser Blockchain- Based Encrypted Communication Platform Announces the ICO of CVCoin Tokens

Check our latest news!

Sometimes there are so much news that we are not able to publish all here, so just check our blogs!

OpenLedger on Steemit
OpenLedger on Medium
OpenLedger Blog

OpenLedger DC Presenting At Consensus 2017 a Strategic Partnership - China Here We Come!

Freelancer On The Blockchain with eDev.one . Internet of Coins to Unify Decentralised Economy Initiatives
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5 years 9 months ago #66 by ccedk_pro
Meet the latest news from OpenLedger!

Super event took place on May 29th in Seoul with special focus on ICO's with an international group of speakers from China, Malaysia, Korea, Japan organized by Econtimes in front of industry leaders and government officials. Finished off with meeting the top three exchanges in Korea Coin.one with daily group and the loop, Korbit.kr and bithumb.com. It seems we found mutual interests to establish future co operation involving the OpenLedger gateway to crowdfunding, so the future looks bright connecting with Korea now on top of recent connections to China. Next one coming up Japan. We found our co ordinator and OpenLedger and ambasador as wel, so all in all a great 4 days here in beautiful Seoul, Korea

And the photo report!

And also don't miss this!

Login to OpenLedger With The Scan Of A Barcode

ZenGold from MetaVerse Special ICO Prelaunched on OpenLedger on May 28. And it was sold out in 8 hours!

And don't miss OBITS buyback tomorrow on 12:00 UTC

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5 years 9 months ago #67 by ccedk_pro
Entropy (ETP) Live on OpenLedger

Entropy (ETP), the official token of Metaverse, is now live on the OpenLedger DEX (Decentralized Exchange). Metaverse is an ambitious project of ViewFin.com, a Chinese company focused on blockchain digital assets. Metaverse is the first public blockchain in China which aims to create a blockchain-based system to manage our digital lives, where people, organizations, institutions can transact with each other.

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The Distribution of ZENGOLD (ZGC) Expected Late June

Following the unprecedented success of OpenLedger selling out of ZenGold (ZGC) tokens within 24 hours of its international market debut on the OpenLedger DEX (Decentralized Exchange), it has been announced that the distribution of ZenGold is expected later this month, June of 2017.

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And don't miss!

OBITS Buyback of MORE THAN $500,000 USD. 15 Times Increase From Last Month

April ICOO This Month 13,4 BTC Sharedrop To 510 Token Holders 2% Of Marketcap

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5 years 9 months ago #68 by ccedk_pro
Chinese Investors Boost Funding In OpenLedger DEX


Danish-headquartered decentralized exchange (DEX) OpenLedger has received seed funding to the tune of Dkr11 million (c.$1.6m) from a group of Chinese, American and European investors after a recent tour of blockchain and cryptocurrency events in the U.S., China and South Korea designed partly to sound out and attract potential crypto investors.

The names in the frame are eDEV.one (EDEV, JOYY), a blockchain-based freelancing platform, GetGame (REALITY), a platform for gaming, Apptrade (APPX), which creates portfolios of apps and has been dubbed the ‘Wall Street of Apps’, and OCASH, a new BitShares token representing an ‘all-in one crypto’ debit card solution.

The announced slug of seed capital comes following an Asian-U.S. Tour initiated by the exchange operator after it attended blockchain conferences in New York, Seoul and Shanghai.

Among other outcomes from this globetrotting led by the exchange’s CEO Ronny Boesing was the forging of a partnership with the first public blockchain in China, ViewFin , as well as an agreement to have OBITS, the official currency of OpenLedger, listed on two Chinese exchanges based in Shanghai - SZZC and Lhang.

You can read the full article here: www.forbes.com/sites/rogeraitken/2017/06...ojects/#797cff00883b

More about it in other media:
-Denmark-based OpenLedger secures $1.6 million seed funding - [ www.finextra.com/pressarticle/69587/denm...million-seed-funding ]

-OpenLedger Raises $1.6m in Seed Funding - [ www.finsmes.com/2017/06/openledger-raise...in-seed-funding.html ]

Don't miss our latest news:

- steemit.com/blockchain/@bloggersclub/gre...btsr-and-bts-holders

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5 years 9 months ago #69 by ccedk_pro
Crypviser goes LIVE June, 14, TOMORROW, Wednesday 18:00 Berlin time.

We will tell you more about our product, its features, why we are different from everyone else and ofcourse we will answer ALL your questions.
So feel free to leave us your questions here and don't forget to get answers from us. We will update you about the contest also shortly.

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5 years 9 months ago - 5 years 9 months ago #70 by ccedk_pro

As the price of OBITS steadily rises, we have even more Great News from OpenLedger! The Distribution of OBITS WARRANTS to all OpenLedger project supporters has been finalized.

There are only 975,000 OBITS WARRANTS left, which will be offered to all taking part in an AUCTION to end 9:00AM Pacific Time, June 25th 2017.

For more information click HERE

Information on redeeming OBITS WARRANTS at the fixed price of bitUSD 0.16 can be seen HERE

Don’t miss OpenLedger on Forbes!
Chinese Investors Boost Funding In Danish Crypto Exchange’s Blockchain Projects

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