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5 years 1 month ago #31 by OKcryptocurrency
New ROKOS core v4 Bitcoin Fullnode release for BananaPi PRO devices

ROKOS v4 "core" for BananaPi PRO - Download (1.15Gb)
Jan 21 2016
MD5 Checksum: EA6F8AE7C7E8870C3E06954E3F67689E
SHA-1 Checksum: C3DF1D645AA40E138E198AD338288D1066A9CA41
SHA-256 Checksum: F55223849DC694EB747E6C334985D47824D58EEB03EB5EAA6EC057177B06005C
SHA-512 Checksum: B16ADC2A15400BD77802068752F98A61EE13A2F60C0D0D2D6A12192BE6EE29B220D448A11F366EF 4BF04926676DAA6563B43F24EE7FA73A453DBB332C43FA34A

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5 years 4 weeks ago #32 by OKcryptocurrency
ROKOS Bitcoin Fullnode is now an official partner for the upcoming and
most expected cryptocurrency event yet, CoinFestUK.


Invalid consumer key/secret in configuration

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5 years 3 weeks ago - 5 years 3 weeks ago #33 by OKcryptocurrency

OKcash has now been added to the CoinWallet.co online wallet, POS pool service and Twitter tipping service.


Running since 2013.

POS Pool fee: 2%
Wallet withdrawal fee: 0.5%
Twitter tipping fee: 0%
Email payment / transfer fee: 0%

As always use online wallets with caution and store the majority of your coins in cold storage or a secure / encrypted wallet on your computer.

Coinwallet.co serves as an easy to use and accessible wallet that you can access with just an internet connection.


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5 years 2 weeks ago #34 by OKcryptocurrency
- Bootstrap (Normal and Instant Chain) updated to February 11 2016.

- OKCash is now an official sponsor for Cordica 21 (Integral school with national and International soccer tournaments for Kids with Down Syndrome [Mexico])

ROKOS added as featured Partner for CoinFestUK

- ROKOS flavors (small delay, lost a familiar to cancer this past days and been a bit busy in the process, will get released in less than 15 days)

- ROKOS core: more than 1200 downloads! Thanks for your Support

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5 years 1 week ago #35 by OKcryptocurrency
Promoción para nuevos clientes Cripto-Pay (en español)

Participa y Gana OKCash! Visita Cripto-Pay, registrate grátis y comienza a adquirir los mejores beneficios para tu empresa o negocio.

1. Registra tu empresa en Cripto-Pay.com para activar tu wallet, con tan solo una cuenta de correo y una contraseña.

2. Envíanos un email a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicando que quieres participar en la promoción y te enviaremos material de apoyo necesario para informar a tus clientes de esta promoción.

3. El cliente paga con OkCash alguno de tus productos o servicios con el wallet que desee.

4. Se enviarán 100 Okcash al wallet de las 100 primeras empresas que acepten un pago con esta criptomoneda.

5. Cripto-Pay notificará en las diferentes redes sociales y vía email a las empresas registradas cuando finalice la promoción.

PREMIO FINAL: de entre todas las empresas participantes se sorteará la cantidad de 5.000 OkCash a la finalización de la promoción. El saldo aparecerá directamente en el wallet de la empresa que resulte ganadora, notificándoselo por email previamente.


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5 years 1 week ago #36 by OKcryptocurrency
OKCash Promotion Giveaway for new Cripto-Pay users (english)

Cripto-Pay & OkCash Promotion Giveaway! Join and Enjoy the benefits today.

1. Register your company in Cripto-Pay.com to active your wallet, with just one email and password.

2. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telling you want to participate in the promotion, so we will provide you all support material to inform your clients about it.

3. The customer pays with OkCash some of your products or services, regardless of the wallet used.

4. 100 OkCash will be sent to the first 100 companies that accept payments with this cryptocurrency.

5. Cripto-Pay will notify through social media and email to the registered companies when the promotion come to an end.

FINAL PRIZE: Among participating companies will be raffled 5.000 OkCash at the end of the promotion. The balance will appear directly in the wallet of the company that wins, notifying by email previously.

Generate payments from our platform with just one click:
My incomes> charge> fill in the fields> generate collection> indicate the email from your client to forward the request for payment> the customer will only have to open the email and scan the QR code> payment made!


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5 years 1 week ago #37 by OKcryptocurrency
Win OKCash and Unlimited Web Hosting for Life Raffle
by CryptoBates Group

Hey guys,

We have a OKCash ideas raffle starting on the Tuesday 23rd February. To enter submit your idea for OK via our website. Your idea could be of what you would like to see developed for OK, it could be a new website project, an app idea or just a general idea of ways to improve and support / promote the OK adoption. Along with your idea please send 100 OK to our donation address P9N3bNxnn2PPvuEuQKwdwq4sK6tidKaWUp and include your transaction ID in your submission.

Submit your idea through Cryptocloudhosting.org/Contact-Us , using the Enquiry Type : OK Idea Raffle

The prize structure is as follows:

1st Place - 15k OKCash + Free 1 Site Unlimited Hosting for life
2nd Place - 7k OKCash + Free 1 Site Unlimited Hosting for 6 months
3rd Place - 2k OKCash + Free 1 Site Unlimited Hosting for 3 months

On receipt of your idea, you will be issued with a unique raffle ID, keep this to hand as the raffle will close on 1st March 2016 and entries will be drawn just after this.

The prizes for the raffle will be supported/sponsored by the donations we can gather for this goal in the next OK address: P9N3bNxnn2PPvuEuQKwdwq4sK6tidKaWUp, This is a great way you can step up and get involved with your community and support new ideas and innovation for OK and the empowerment of its users.

Start thinking of your ideas and we will post on Tuesday 23rd when the raffle opens

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5 years 6 days ago - 5 years 6 days ago #38 by OKcryptocurrency
Free 1000 $OK to the winner... by OKorator

Guess the price on close of day March 23 Contest.


Enter your guess on twitter by replying to my pinned tweet. @OKcashorator
Must have your entry in by 2/28, this Friday.

Just for funzies! Now go submit your ideas to Crypto Cloud!

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5 years 1 day ago #39 by OKcryptocurrency

Good news, $OK just added to Cryptocoins with new 1.6 release!
by AllienWorks

OK is honored, a Big Thanks from the OK community, you are creating new crypto standards.


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5 years 11 hours ago #40 by OKcryptocurrency

OKCash honored to become an official Partner for the CoinFestUK event.

OK & Legend added on CoinFestUK partnerships.


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