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[ANN] [OK] OKCash Efficient Crypto - Eco-Friendly - ROKOS Pi

5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #81 by OKcryptocurrency
New OK Video

Okcash - The next generation of digital currency

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by: OKdoki

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5 years 4 months ago #82 by OKcryptocurrency
OK Giveaway

Win 1000 #Okcash Reach lvl 10 + gain Hero Rank
over $OK $BTC Cryptocurrency & Gaming Server discord.gg/grvpc8c

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5 years 4 months ago #83 by OKcryptocurrency
Okcash gets integrated into Gencapp

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Gencapp / www.gencapp.com

Gencapp is the world’s first localized consumer and personal tendering portal designed to include the decentralized Internet of things (IoT). With free and paid plans for both users and service providers, finding the right person or contractor has never been easier. In retrospect, getting exposure and finding work has never been easier.

Feel comfortable with Gencapp using our social verification service. A way that everyone can quickly assess a contractor or individual’s social media accounts and determine how reputable they are. Think of this as a self completed background check (your very own background check tool). By linking your account to several of your available social media accounts, including but not all: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google+,Github, Tumblr, & Instagram. You open the doors to a new comfort level with your clients. This eliminates fake and paid review systems that is flawed with all other sites, benefiting both the client and the contractor or person.

When you look at Gencapp, it is simple to see the menu bar on the side with classified type categories. In the middle of the page is a map, which corresponds information filtered by category and subcategory selection. Different colour pins mean different things; blue pins are businesses looking to seek clients and public exposure, green pins are projects being tendered looking for businesses and/or persons to bid the project.

At the root of Gencapp, you have free and easy to use productivity tools to help the user gain control of the ‘open loops’ in their lives. Gencapp allows the user to privately plan and maintain project and goal lists. From large renovation projects to small Saturday afternoon jobs, Gencapp will help you get more done in less time. Enhanced with a real time connection to local businesses and services. This allows us to offer a wide range of drop-in features and applications that are tailored to help the self employed and entrepreneurs thrive in the local services marketplace.

Internet Contractors Database

ICDB information coming soon...

Vision Ears Inc, Canada

Vision Ears Inc. (a Canadian Corporation) start-up Vision Ears Inc.'s main focus is the development of localized commerce tools for the medium, small and home based business.

ChainReactor www.chainreactor.com

ChainReactor is a scalable blockchain platform supporting SQL databases, used to create on-demand permissioned blockchains for a variety of uses. In the case of Gencapp, ChainReactor will allow us to scale out a fully distributed, highly secure version of Gencapp that can be used privately or publicly.

Protocol Labs

Protocol Labs develops leading edge hardware in support of ChainReactor, including node hashing hardware, and secure digital hard wallets.

Block Brain Digital

Block Brain Digital LTD, is a Canadian Corporation founded to be the liaison between Vision Ears Inc. and Protocol Labs in bringing ChainReactor to Canada. Block Brain Digital is based in Hespeler, Ontario and is used as a development and training campus for blockchain related technologies.

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5 years 4 months ago #84 by OKcryptocurrency
Okcash - AUR Packages

The Arch User Repository (AUR) is a community-driven repository for Arch users.
It contains package descriptions (PKGBUILDs) that allow you to compile a package from source with makepkg and then install it via pacman.

AUR Okcash-git (Graphical wallet) - aur.archlinux.org/packages/okcash-git/
AUR Okcashd-git (daemon) - aur.archlinux.org/packages/okcashd-git/

By Maintainer Dev: greenbigfrog

AUR tutorial for new learning users

A good number of new packages that enter the official repositories start in the AUR.
In the AUR, users are able to contribute their own package builds (PKGBUILD and related files).
The AUR community has the ability to vote for or against packages in the AUR.
If a package becomes popular enough — provided it has a compatible license and good packaging technique — it may be entered into the community repository (directly accessible by pacman or abs).

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5 years 4 months ago #85 by OKcryptocurrency
Invalid consumer key/secret in configuration
OK Bounties
(OKCash Map, OK Iphone APP, OK Android APP)

1) OKCash Map: Bounty 50,000 OKCash
Map that shows where OKCash is accepted and where people sell OKCash. (markets, services, etc)

2) OKCash Iphone APP: Bounty 40,000 OKCash
OK Wallet for Iphone.

3) OKCash Android App: Bounty 40,000 OKCash
OK Wallet for Android.

Contact CGB or any of the team leaders over discord.me/cryptocurrency

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5 years 4 months ago #86 by OKcryptocurrency

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5 years 4 months ago #87 by OKcryptocurrency

Thanks to all those who could make last weeks, barely announced, and first COMMUNITY MEETING!!!!

Meetings are on Thursdays at 11am PST, 2PM EST, 6 PM GMT.

We are on the discord channel, if you haven't joined yet here's the link.


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5 years 4 months ago #88 by OKcryptocurrency
Invalid consumer key/secret in configuration

Join the Wordwide OK Airdrop

Register for the "OKCash Airdrop" Event over: communityevents.okcash.co

Share with your friends and family!

Participants Win 50 Okcash in the Airdrop and get a chance to participate for gifts with their registration.
Be an early adopter for the new Technology of Okcash and Bitcoin and start using or creating new services with the most reliable cryptocurrencies Today.

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5 years 3 months ago #89 by OKcryptocurrency
Welcome to Sign up at the Redesigned OKCashTalk Forums

Discussions, Project advances and development, Giveaways, Contests and more!

Invite your friends and start ranking in your own community forums, is OK


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5 years 3 months ago #90 by OKcryptocurrency

OK Rain + wallet vote + community meeting

BIG OKCASH RAIN TOMORROW! UP To 5000 OK Rain in the OKCash Community Meeting!

That's how it works:

1. Vote here for the OKCash Wallet (No Registration needed): feedback.userreport.com/636366d1-f461-49...4115831/#idea/133464
2. Share it to people you know, friends, family, so they can vote too from their PCs
3. The amount to be rained:

30 Votes = 300 OK Rain
40 Votes = 400 OK Rain
50 Votes = 500 OK Rain
60 Votes = 750 OK Rain
70 Votes = 1000 OK Rain
80 Votes = 1200 OK Rain
90 Votes = 1400 OK Rain
100 Votes = 1800 OK Rain
125 Votes = 2200 OK Rain
150 Votes = 2500 OK Rain
200 Votes = 5000 OK Rain!!!

So it's at us guys to work together and spread the word to get a rainy day tomorrow!!

Thursday 1:00PM central time: discord.me/cryptocurrency over the #community-voice-chat room.

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