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VidioShare - Crypto gets Creative

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Vidio is a crypto currency used as a token for rewards and payment options for certain contents in pay-per-view channels/ video on Demands on the VidioShare platform, additional Vidio coins are generated from the sites central wallet which distribute the token in relation to the minted coins daily to all the users on the platform using the decentralized monetization protocol. Subscriptions and commission are payable only with Vidio.

Over the past several months, the VidioShares Team have been working on creating a new video sharing website based on the founding principle of Bitcoin, a new decentralized monetization protocol and video sharing website. One of the most prominent points surrounding the project is the sharing of rewards with video creators and users.

Vidio is a cryptocurrency designed to give users an alternative platform to upload and distribute content across the Internet, specializes in video platforms and video usability. Vidio will also be built around the Vidio crypto currency.

One of the most important features of the service however is that it is completely advertisement free. Instead of gaining outside advertisement revenue intrinsic revenue is provided to all users through decentralized monetization protocol for videos creators and users.



Pay-per-view – Crypto currency payment options will be available for users. Crypto currency will be used to pay to access certain media. Pay per view can be used to sell content and earn tokens for the selling of media. Pay-per-view is also used in the Live stream environment so users can offer subscriptions to Live streams. This pay per view environment offers users an option to make tokens and thus a living from selling and streaming multimedia content.

WebTV – Users of the service can create playlists and view media in a TV format. This service offers direct access to continual playlists of TV and the streaming of TV.

Live streams – Users can create Live streams to stream content to others around the world. Live streams also support HD formats.

Supported Media Types: Videos, Photos, Audio and Documents. Many file types are supported for the system this allows users to upload and view all content they want at any time. This makes VidioShare one of most versatile multimedia services.

Social Media Functionalities

Groups (private and public) – Groups can be created on the VidioShare platform to give access of media to certain users or groups. All VidioShare media can be distributed privately to other users or shared publicly. This feature helps with user privacy and the management of media.

Blogs – Blogs will be hosted on the site for users to make personal posts and create documentation for content along with media. The blogging platform will allow users to connect and share important news directly linked with their Vidio accounts. Blogs will also have multimedia integration for Vlogging.

Forums – Discussion boards will be offered to VidioShare users to comment about certain topics of their choosing. This gives the users the ability to talk about important issues and topics in mainstream society.

Private Messages – Users on VidioShare will be able send private messages to other users on the website making social contact easy and viable.

User profile with Vidio Wallet Addresses - On signing up to the service users will have a custom web wallet aligned with their VideoShare account so there is no need for regular software wallets. Users can also send tokens to each other safely, securely and instantly.

Security Features

Easy Account Registration and Passwordless wallet with Launch Key, an anonymous multi-factor user authentication system without passwords. This feature allows secure login without the need for password, this is one of the most advanced technologies on the market with the use of protecting user accounts. This technology is also used for wallet access. Users can login with facial recognition, fingerprint ID’s and a variety of other easy and advanced methods.
Creating of pseudo-anonymous channel — Users can create pseudo-anonymous channels for the distribution of media. If users want to share important news or media with others then there is an option to create anonymous communication channels for user security and protection.

Monetization Systems

Revenue/Commission System – Users can sell content with the VidioShare platform. Users will get revenue for sharing content and if others buy this media from a shared environment the user that has shared will get commission for sharing and offering this media to others. This offers incentives for sharing media across social networks using the system to continually build up the VidioShare platform.

Decentralized monetization protocol for videos creators and users — Partners and users get a token as a rewards for activities completed on the network. For example: Up voting contents, Subscriptions, Video Uploads, Creating Channels and Commenting on media. All use on the website earns you tokens from the central system wallet.

Extra Features
Send newsletter to subscribers.
User login with OpenID and Facebook credentials.
Upload multiple files simultaneously.
Import YouTube and Vimeo videos.
Videos in HD quality.

All content created by the users on the VidioShare system will be completely owned by them. VidioShare does not own any content provided by the users on the site this includes all media and even comments/blogs created by the users. Many other multimedia sites do not do this but VidioShare wants to create a safe environment for users content. Again users own their own content 100%.

*Bittrex will be hosting the VidioShare [VDO] ICO. As a reminder, we are providing escrow for the development team. We are not endorsing this coin or any others on our exchange. Please do your own research before trading.

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=779552.0
Bittrex Pair: freenode.net #shadowcash
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