OKCash integration to BitSquare - The Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange

OKCash is getting integrated in the coming release/update for Bitsquare

Visit the Bitsquare website at:

What is Bitsquare?

Bitsquare is built for those who:

    Want to exchange a national currency such as dollars, euros, or yen for bitcoin.
    Want to exchange a wide range of alternative crypto currencies for bitcoin.
    Do not want to trust any exchange for holding your funds.
    Do not want to forfeit control or privacy to a central authority in order to trade with other individuals.
    Regard financial transactions as a form of private speech that should be protected from surveillance by banks, governments, and other institutions.

Bitsquare is designed to be:

    Decentralized – there is no single point of failure.
    Safe – Bitsquare never holds your funds.
    Instantly accessible – no need for approval from a central authority.
    Private -no one except trading partners exchange personally identifying data.
    Open – every aspect of the project is transparent.
    Easy – we take usability seriously.


Exchanges play a critical role in the bitcoin ecosystem. Without them, it would be nearly impossible to buy or sell bitcoins for euros, dollars, yen or yuan. Bitcoin would be a market without liquidity; bitcoin would be worthless.

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin with the motivation to solve the problems of centralized payment systems so it seems inconsistent that centralized Bitcoin exchanges are still the primary way to acquire bitcoins. In our opinion the dominance and vulnerability of centralized exchanges is the Achilles heel in the current Bitcoin ecosystem.

There have been many discussions in the forums about how to build a pure P2P based solution but there is still no real decentralized bitcoin exchange available yet.

That’s where Bitsquare comes in.

We have developed a solution which is based on pure P2P infrastructure. While the transfer of national currency requires the involvement of traditional payment channels like banks or payment processors, we are not dependent on any particular one. Their role is limited to what it should be: They transfer national currency. No power of censoring, confiscating, monitoring or controlling your financial interaction.

To keep reading about the Philosophy of Bitsquare, and how we solve the involved challenges to make it secure and easy to use please read our White Paper:

» Download the Bitsquare White Paper

Further Reading:

    Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System by Satoshi Nakamoto
    Bitcoin open source implementation of P2P currency by Satoshi Nakamoto
    The Future of Bitcoin Exchanges by Richard Myers
    Eliminating Bitcoin’s Weaklest Link by Chris Beams
    Shelling Out — The Origins of Money by Nick Szabo
    A New Kind of Social Ordering: Self-Sovereignty, Autonomous Trust and P2P Parity by John Clippinger

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Dash Round Table: Ep.01

Streaming live from Mar 20, 2016 The Dash Round Table Will be interviewing Oktoshi proposer of Budget for Dash integration into ROKOS Flavors Releases for Pi2, Pi3, PINE64+ and New ioT devices.

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UberPay Bitcoin Wallet

UberPay is a consumer bitcoin wallet for Android that stores your crypto-currencies without compromising your security.
It includes the following coins: Bitcoin - OKCash - Dogecoin - Litecoin - Peercoin 
- Dash
 - Reddcoin - NuBits
 - NuShares 
- Blackcoin
 - Feathercoin
 - Monacoin
 - Neoscoin 
- Namecoin 
- and many more.


What is OKCash?  

OKCash is a new Cryptocurrency that was released in November 2014. Since the start OK has shown a unique interest in the end user and tried to make the coin accessible and easy to use for the community. The launch was a success and a lot of miners participated in the pools that were mining the coin.
The mining PoW process lasted 15 days without halving to make it fair for every miner no matter when they started with the coin. After these 15 days of mining, OKCash became a full Proof of Stake coin, fulfilling its goal of hybrid initial distribution. It started a new era in the cryptocurrency environment, where coins continue to be created and distributed via Proof of Stake, which is a more long-term sustainable system and much more energy friendly than Proof of work.
OKCash started a new tendency in the cryptocurrency world, by injecting a positive vibe into its design and code. A lot of new coins started to get created following these ideals, some even adding the "positive" into its names just like in OK's previous name. Sadly most of these new coins lasted for only a few months and others lacked the determination to continue with its commitment to the code and its community. Others had outsourced development, meaning not having in-house devs, which makes the development process harder to maintain and makes it hard to build an efficient system as there is no main Developer with a real understanding of the code.
OKCash does not present such issues: the coin has been trading since Nov 2014 and the community continues to grow in all aspects, on social networks, in markets, in use, and with its in-house dedicated Dev it's been building a solid decentralized infrastructure that's directly reflected in the coin's efficiency and speed. OKCash is one of a handful of coins that has not presented any issues with its blockchain, working perfectly since the day it was released. Even the Branding process update was neat and easy for its users, showing once again its dedication to functionality and ease of use.
The initial motivation behind OKCash was to create a really efficient and fast coin with a funny association to the Pimpd TV show, evoking the phrase in the sense to "improve things" or "make things better". After the success of getting added to the first exchanges, and with the community interaction and feedback, the name became a "hot topic". Hence by Devs' and community feedback it was decided it was time for the coin to evolve and communicate the real philosophy behind its work. The community and environment itself were the driving forces behind this evolution, which is meant to provide end users with a cryptocurrency they can trust - with a name aimed for mainstream - and with the following qualities: speed, efficiency and ease of use accompanied by a dedicated and personalized working design.
The "OK" name got selected to represent the new brand precisely because it reflects properly the coin's goals and attitude. OK is one of only 2 words in the whole world that requires no translation at all to be understood, giving it the potential for mainstream adoption without the hassle of trying to integrate the new name to different cultures. "OK" is understood the whole world over.
OK reflects a positive outcome, speed and empathy. Security and user experience are the first thoughts behind any update or code modification. The addition of the word "cash" was made to give it direct inclusion into the financial sector and to communicate the whole concept in a word: "OKCash".
Anybody who hears this word gets an overall concept or general idea of what it is about. OK is the technology while OKCash is the first application of this technology, being the coins we can send or put in our wallets for saving, spending or sharing.
OKCash's rebranding was done in April 2015, and since then the OK cryptocurrency has been added to one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges - Bittrex. This adds to the list of exchanges where the coin is already trading (C-Cex, Bleutrade, Cryptopia and Yobit).
OKCash has direct USD / OK markets at Bleutrade and C-Cex, making it possible to buy or sell OK directly for fiat currency.
OKCash has been referred to as "The future for Social Payments" and it has one of the strongest social presences in the cryptocurrency environment. You can actually send OKCash anywhere in the world by the easy use of the Reddit and/or Twitter Tip bots. This makes it possible to send OK to anyone in the world, even if they have not yet installed and downloaded the OKCash wallet.
OKCash is also one of the few currencies that does not fight BTC. On the contrary, OK supports BTC and aims to create events around the world to teach people about cryptocurrencies such as BTC and OK: how they can get the advantages and how they differ from traditional fiat systems. Download OKCash Wallet
OK complements BTC, with its speed and Proof of Stake system OK works as a currency but also as an earning system. If you keep your wallet open, you gain a % of the coins you hold in your wallet as interest. This system incentivizes the network growth and security as well, and is one of the key aspects of OK as it doesn't require special equipment. It is a more energy friendly way to sustain the whole network, reducing the carbon footprint considerably against Proof of Work technology.
Since the start, OKCash has provided constant updates, a dedicated site for them and has followed the Roadmap in time and form. Its latest release is its wallet version with improved security and a new clean, modern and fresh design with an improved logo, and they're getting ready to release their mobile wallets in the coming weeks.
OK is the first cryptocurrency to hold cross-promotions between different cryptocurrency communities, and to incentivize further cooperation the OKCash Devs created the Altcoins Foundation: an Automated Platform that helps promote projects throughout the cryptocurrency environment and gives a space to new or established currencies to share their updates and news. Link
Anyone can visit and download the "ROKOS" project as well, a Raspberry Pi OS integrated with BTC, OK, LTC and Doge clients ready for use, distributed for free by the OKCash Developers to support Crypto adoption and the integration of cryptocurrencies with coming Internet of Things technology (IoT). Download
People still have the chance to take advantage of the 69% interest for the first year, and we invite them to do so, as in a few more months the % of stake (interest) will go down to 20% for the second year; still tasty but nothing like starting with 69% !
OK has continued with giveaways for different communities and constant contests with the addition of faucets and resources by the community to give more users the chance to have fun and get to know and use OKCash.
OK Specs and Info:
PoW Ended at block: 33,186
Max Cap: 105,000,000 OKCash (5 times Bitcoin's Cap)
Full POS started: Dec 9th 2014
Proof of Stake
Stake Rewards: 69% 1st Year
| 20% 2nd | 10% 3rd | 6% 4th Year onwards
PoS Min Stake Time: 8 hr
Pos Max Stake Time: Unlimited
POS blocks to mature: 69 confirmations
Transactions: 10 confirmations
Rpcport: 6969
Port: 6970

Test ports: ( RPCport 7979 ) ( Port 7980 )

Custom designed cloud based website hosting

Crypto cloud hosting provides website hosting based on cloud technology, our unique cloud platform is clustered over multiple servers powered by several multihomed autonomous systems and is built from the ground up to offer high performance and reliability. When you take out hosting with us your data is safely hosted across our two state-of-the-art Tier 3+ 2N data centres based in the UK.

We run hybrid hosting and you can get the best of both worlds, manage a combination of Windows and Linux sites from within the same control panel. Our hosting packages include a wide range of features from POP3 and IMAP support to unlimited FTP accounts, SSH, unlimited MySQL 5.6 databases and PHP Scripting support.

With our hosting you have many 1-click install apps at your disposal these include Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop and over 40 other popular applications. We have no-setup fees, no minimum term and flexible payment options available and have recently started to offer free hosting to charities and good cause services.

We accept a wide range of crypto currencies including Primecoin, Worldcoin, Feathercoin and GameCredits among others of the best recognized Alternative cryptocurrencies.

All our services are SSL secured and all our packages now have unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Our basic account starts you off with 1 site and you have the option to upgrade further to 15 sites. Most of our accounts are set-up within a few hours after payment confirmation, you can contact us any-time to upgrade and you may even get a discount for upgrading.

Our network is currently averaging around 99.78% uptime each month and our network is highly monitored.

We are always in the process of researching and developing new extensions to our hosting system, we have recently had many questions about moving over from cPanel and now have a cPanel import tool! This tool will let you upload a file in the cPanel backup format and have it extracted to your cloud account, including all databases and emails.

We always ask for feedback and feature requests from clients and visitors so we can enhance your hosting experience.


There are currently over 600 alternative cryptocurrencies in the market. Bitcoin’s source-code, being open-source and publicly available on Github, can be copied freely by anyone interested in creating their own coin.


The question that many people have is that, with so many alternatives, how do we evaluate which ones are worth studying and buying? After all, with each coin having its own price, it certainly feels like a 24/7 stock market.

I will attempt to go through some of the factors that we at CoinGecko use in evaluating altcoins.

1. Technical & monetary rules innovation


Some people have the opinion that Bitcoin’s maximum cap of 21 million coins is a limiting factor because people feel poor receiving only 0.0001 BTC at one point. Dogecoin, for example, has a total supply of 100 billion dogecoins that had been fully mined by mid-2015. It also does not have a hard cap and is projected to grow at 5.256 billion coins every year after reaching 100 billion. The changes in monetary rules creates a whole different economic incentive for the altcoin.

Other coins used a different hashing algorithm altogether. Peercoin, for instance, uses proof-of-stake instead of proof-of-work, while Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that is designed from the ground up without forking any code from Bitcoin and is also Turing-complete. There are many interesting innovations happening in the altcoin world that can be beneficial to the overall ecosystem and starting on this basis will be a good first step in evaluating altcoins.

2. Development activity

One way to gauge if a particular altcoin has a good future is to look at its development activity. A coin with an active development team will be pushing out updates and patching bugs all the time.

We can see that Bitcoin has the most active development team. All development work is done publicly via the Github repository and one can check if any of the coin developers is “sleeping”. Because many coins are “forked” from Bitcoin, it is particularly important for developers to be pushing updates whenever a bug is found in Bitcoin because it will almost certainly affect the altcoin as well since they are sharing mostly similar codebase.


3. Community strength

A coin without a community will not have any value whatsoever because no one will be using the altcoin. Looking through forums like Bitcointalk, you will notice that many will claim that their altcoin has the best community, but the best way to gauge the size of the community is to look at figures.

It is hard to say that coin X has Y number of users due to its decentralized nature. However, one can use proxies when estimating the size of the community by looking at the number of Facebook likes, Twitter followers and Reddit activity.

4. Trading volume & liquidity

Equally important is to look if there is any trading activity surrounding the altcoin. There is no point holding thousands of dollars worth of an altcoin if no one is trading it and there is very low chance of exiting your current position in the market.

There will be wild swings in price whenever any amount is bought and sold and this volatility is not good for sustaining the value of your altcoin holdings.

5. Market capitalization

Coins with low market capitalization can be easily manipulated by people planning to organize pumps and dumps tricks. One may lose a lot of money if susceptible to the lies that these people push out.

Coins with a larger market capitalization will be harder to be manipulate as it will require a substantially larger capital base to manipulate the price.

6. Public interest

Lastly, one should also consider how popular the coin is in the World Wide Web. A quick search of the coin name on Google or Bing will show how many results exist regarding the coin. Established coins like Bitcoin will have millions of search results showing the maturity of the coin, while small coins will have very little to show.

The same can be said by looking at the popularity of the coin’s official website on Alexa., the official website of Bitcoin is very popular in the world, ranking as Alexa’s 14,175th most popular website on the planet at the time of writing.

public interest

I hope that by now you are aware of some high-level ways of evaluating altcoins based on this article. However, there are many other ways of evaluating altcoins that will require further research.

Although the altcoin ecosystem is filled with many scams – so do be extra careful when navigating this space -, it can also be very lucrative if you do your homework right. Do not believe everything that you read and always do your due diligence by checking for facts and data on CoinGecko and other websites.

Source: 1

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Vitalik Buterin to Audit La’Zooz

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, has accepted the professional auditing role for the La’Zooz crypto-based ridesharing project. He will verify that the project’s milestones are achieved. La’Zooz core team member, Shay Zluf, said:

“We hope this to be a turning point in the La’Zooz token sale, as many of the Bitcoin community members will see that as a vote of confidence from one of the most appreciated figures in the community.”

Vitalik will be partnering with Craig Sellars from the Omni foundation who has also accepted the auditing role for the project.

Decentralized Ridesharing Roadmap

Roadmap auditing plays a crucial role for the project. Raised funds go into a multisignature Coinbase vault that requires approval of milestones by the auditor prior to being released to the development team’s wallet. Funds will then be released into the vault by 3 out of 5 signers — two from La’Zooz, two from the Omni dev team, and someone other than Buterin from Ethereum.

The La’Zooz project, which is currently issuing its tokens on top of the Omni layer, plans to use Ethereum’s smart contracts as its token stabilizing mechanism. The La’Zooz team has been in touch with Ethereum devs and co-founders “for several months.” Zluf said:

“We are excited to have [Buterin] on board with us as our auditor.”

The auditing role at blockchain based projects has become a new standard in the industry (and potentially beyond) as another step to raise trust between supporters of new Bitcoin 2.0 projects and the development teams.

He continued, “As the token sale function was engineered in a way to keep prices low as long as no big traction has achieved, we believe it to be still a very

Originally appeared at:

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OKCash - The Future of Social Payments

Following feedback from the community, the OKCash developers are proud to announce:

OKCash: A new brand and a new future for social payments.

As an expression of the developers long term commitment to the coin and the community, PimpCash will now continue under a new name and a new brand.  


The new name is OKCash with the "OK" Ticker, the newly commissioned branding is currently being rolled out across all websites and social media.

The purpose of the re brand is to ensure that the name of the coin properly reflects the positivity, innovation and vision that is at the center of all of our work.  We firmly believe  that OKCash will have better projection and appeal to a broader international audience, making it a perfect fit for integration in different markets, exchanges and resources.  

Moving forward under the OKCash brand, development will now focus on the long term service provision for OKCash across multiple payment platforms, and the  accessibility of the new brand will compliment the socially orientated services that are currently under development.

We are very excited by the new opportunities that will be open for OKCash with its new positioning as a mainstream brand.  

The fun and inclusiveness will continue, we warmly welcome the community to the new OKCash brand and thank you for your continued support.

We will be releasing first the new Client and in the coming days the new road-maps, website and media.
(OKCash branding/ OK ticker on current exchanges will be updated over the next few days.)

Uses:  Spending, Sharing, Saving, Remittance, Social Tipping, Crowdfunding, Bitcoin Support, Education and more.

OKCash is full POS now, we will open a multipool in the coming days as well to provide miners a way to mine OKCash.

Algo: Started as a PoW/PoS Scrypt Hybrid mine-able for 15 days without halving to make it fair for all the miners no matter when they started.
PoW Ended at block: 33,186
Total coins at the end of Pow/Pos Hybrid Period: 36,297,000 OKCash
Max Cap: 105,000,000 OK
Full POS started: Dec 9th 2014
Proof of Stake: 69% 1st Year
| 20% 2nd | 10% 3rd | 6% 4th Year onwards
PoS Min Stake Time: 8 hr
Pos Max Stake Time: Unlimited
POS blocks to mature: 69 confirmations
Transactions: 10 confirmations
Rpcport: 6969
Port: 6970
Test ports: ( RPCport 7979 ) ( Port 7980 )

Reddit Community:
Latest News:
Block Explorer:
Live IRC Community:

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HTML5 Coin - Press Release

Thanks you all for supporting HTML5 coin for the past 2 weeks. Social Media Campaign has launched successfully and has attracted a lot of attention. We are still giving tons of H5 away until the budget run out, so make sure you check out the bounty list. There has been so much going on within our HTML5 community. Our developers have been working none stop on HTML5 project to get as much progress as possible. Check below for some of the highlight of HTML5 coin top events for December.

  1. HTML5 mobile wallet:
    • It is only a few days away before HTML5 coin mobile wallet release. We are in the last few steps of testing mode as we want to make sure the app is flawless.
    • HTML5 android wallet will be the first X15 POW/POS cryptocurrency mobile wallet. I`m not surprise because we are already the first of so many other thing in Crypto :).
  2. HTML5 partnership with cryptobizmagazine:
      • Cryptobizmagazine will feature all HTML5 news, update and announcement on their website, of course in video format :).
      • So for those folks that hate reading you can now watch HTML5 coin news on Cryptobizmagazine for H5 latest update.
      • First feature episode here.
  3. H5 Exchange Site expansion:
  4. HTML5`s King and Queen of troll award: (troll at Cryptsy please!!!)
    • We created a troll contest with the top price of 1,000,000 H5.
    • The most anticipated member who talk about HTML5 the most on exchange site`s troll box will have a higher chance of winning the 1 million H5.
    • We recommend that you troll at Cryptsy as there are more FUD :) and it is easy for us to identify the most anticipated member.
    • Sign up now by leaving a reply on Twitter follow the link below, please include your TrollBox`s username and the exchange site you gonna troll at.  .
    • Let`s get trolling !!!!!!
HTML5 Tips:  HMqdCM9ubvPReP8kLfohpYAgpAMvapewRR
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SocialCEX - The First Social Crypto Exchange

A lot has changed since the last time we took a visit at the Lemurcoin Project, it has grown in a pretty impressive way. They've opened the new SocialCex exchange service, a network where you get paid for your social interactions with the System. You can promote your brand or get paid for your visits and follows.

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