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Saturday, 11 October 2014 00:00

Multiwallet - In wallet USD Pairs trading and anonymous transactions

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MultiWallet Coin [MWC] is a cryptocurrency product of the MultiWallet Foundation, a fully-staffed collective of developers and professionals dedicated to bringing this coin new features and promoting widespread adoption.


MultiWallet aims to create as the name suggests, a new Multi wallet integration system (feature still on dev) and to make some important distinctions like anonymity, adding new tabs to the wallet like the block explorer tab, a fully functional social tab for easy community participation and direct links to all MultiWallet social media.

MWC started its development release phase with a new (Self Developed) solution that allows anonymous transactions named Multishift, and got recently added to TitanBit which allows Fiat/MWC trading, features added to the new wallet for an in-wallet fiat trading experience.

From MWC Devs [About the Multishift Tech]:

"We have developed a protocol that will use a different transaction address every time you send/receive a transaction (assuming you use the feature), so that the address that shows up in the Block Explorer changes every time. This makes it very hard if not almost impossible to track transactions and backtrack them to your personal Wallet Addresses. This way, the transaction will still be fully visible in the blockchain, but it cannot be traced back to you."

The MultiWallet Dev team works in a Democratic development schedule we could say, meaning there is no Lead Dev, but instead 3 assistant developers who integrate or develops the new features chosen by the foundation and the community.

Eight-Point Roadmap

Activity Report


The PR team now publishes an Activity Report updating readers frequently about ongoing developments and Marketing/PR activities.

The MWC Foundation is also working in releasing a MWC Multipool which is currently in an invitational beta phase. They will be rolling it out for public use soon.

MWC market prices have ranged from the 50 to almost the 500 satoshi.

MWC Tips:  MLs6K7xujZLidtUfbFD8aiPu2m4t3FmYs4
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