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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 00:00

Mintpal Changes Management

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As a result of the Moolah bankruptcy declaration, MintPal will no longer be managed by Moolah. A new management team will join Mintpal in hopes to fix the issues with user accounts and bring back to life this Cryptocurrency Exchange.


Moolah were responsible for the (poor) management, but now with the Moolah-Bankruptcy news, they have sourced a new management team for Mintpal, and the following will be occurring.

MintPal will be coming down immediately – in light of critical errors being disclosed. The new management team will be making a number of stability changes, UI improvements and bug fixes. They will also be handling the resolution of issues surrounding missing balances. An update will be following on shortly, with details of further timeframes.

In the interests of full disclosure, contrary to popular reports, Moolah declared himself as not being a majority shareholder in the holding company.

For now if you visit the Mintpal site you are welcomed with a message that says:

MintPal is currently down for a number of necessary changes and fixes. A separate method of withdrawing funds will be made available on October 16th, 2014.

Meaning users will be able to withdraw their funds starting at October 16th, then the exchange will have some key changes before coming back online.

Until the Moolah declaration, the Mintpal exchange was still having a lot of issues with user account balances, we hope this ones get solved with the new management, we will keep you informed about the advancements.

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