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Tuesday, 28 October 2014 00:00

SocialCEX - The First Social Crypto Exchange

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A lot has changed since the last time we took a visit at the Lemurcoin Project, it has grown in a pretty impressive way. They've opened the new SocialCex exchange service, a network where you get paid for your social interactions with the System. You can promote your brand or get paid for your visits and follows.

The System is pretty easy to use, if you are an advertiser you can upload your social sites and start paying LMR for the social interactions or if you want to earn some lemurcoins you can start working with the system on it's different sections like: Youtube subscriptions, Likes, Twitter followers, retweets and more.

New Genuine System

The SocialCex system is designed to bring you only genuine and natural social media hits.
There no fake/bots twitter followers or tweets, youtube views, likes or favorites, linkedin shares or website visits.
This is one the most natural way to promote your services and create social buzz.

POA Escrow

SocialCEX is a pure Proof of Action social crypto exchange.
Members only earn lemurcoins when they have actually performed an action.
This ensures 100% effectiveness of campaigns and full safety of your deposited lemurcoins

Good profit for your interactions

Being socially active can be profitable!
Just keep doing what you usually do on social media websites and earn lemurcoins!
Even more - you don't have to deposit to start earning lemurcoins!
Affiliate system available - get 5% of your referrals sales!

What is ?

  • SocialCex is a place where you can exchange your lemurcoins for social media hits and visa versa.
  • SocialCex is a POA crypto exchange. This means your are charged ONLY for real, proved social action by other member!
  • As a SocialCex member you can both promote your services and earn lemurcoins simultaneously!
  • SocialCex will never tweet, follow or share from any of your accounts.
  • All tweats, followers, likes, views and other activities are performed by other users, thus, all social activities are genuine and have no mention about in any way!
  • SocialCex will never ask you for your social account password! NEVER!.

Fees has 0% fees! Just like that!


Currently withdrawals are held semi-manual within 1 business day.
Automation has been already coded and will be turned on, as soon as launch adaptation is done


Promote your affiliate link and earn lemurcoins:
 - 0.01 coins for each user that signups at
 - 5% from money spent by your referrals, on
To receive commission, your referral must complete at least 5 exchanges at

Free and VIP Membership

Banner Ads

As a member, you can buy banner ad spaces.
Currently, for launch period, 468x60 sized banners available, displayed at bottom of website, at all pages
More banner sizes and spots are coming later

Promote your services or earn lemurcoins with first social crypto exchange
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Developer: King Coolian

LMR Tips:  LVebERpuZdF3FV61UXeyjfHcNQomyqhsBv
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