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CoinURL is a free URL shortening service where you get paid in Bitcoin [BTC] to share links and ads on the web.
It's easy to make money in Bitcoins with coinURL . You really get payed for clicks that people make to your shortened URL or ads.
You can place your URL in Google , Tweets , Facebook , and any website, and the ads on your sites.

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Start Earning my Bitcoin

The Smart way to monetize your content

Some people said it is the best and some say coinURL is a fraud.
We did some research to see if coinURL is a site of fraud or an excellent system that can create some Bitcoins on the Internet .

Through several users reporting positive results, and various testimonies on the Internet , we can realize that coinURL is indeed a passive income business over the internet that is very acceptable and multiple users are stating a lot of coinURL Earnings . With the commercialization of shortening the URL you can create a decent amount of BTC. coinURL is not a fraud and if you put something on your part to consistently be creating a network of links , you can create a lot of Bitcoins on the internet with coinURL.

Make Money With coinURL ?

coinURL is a link shortening service that will advertise in every one of the shortened links,
this allows you to generate and make Bitcoins online for creating shorten URLs.

An announcement appears in the top of the page to click on the link,
and this can be avoided by clicking "skip ad" and take us to the actual destination URL .
The Bitcoin that an individual can make is about 0.001 - 0.009 BTC per thousand views,
also depending on the locality where they click your links.

Link publishers get rewarded for each unique click made on the shortened link.
This differs from some other paid link shorteners that only pay for unique visitors.
For example, if the same person clicks ten shortened links,
you will get paid for ten clicks.
(other services may only pay you for one click in this case)

Website owners get paid for each unique click on the banner placed on their websites.
Only unique clicks are being counted for this type of advertising, unlike the interstitial system.

You should not anticipate becoming rich overnight.
However the process of creating links increasingly passive income will be higher with a good job and excellent results are achieved.
Best payments on those links are the ones visited by readers from the United States.

The minimal withdrawal amount is 0.01 BTC. Withdrawal commission is 12%.
This commission is not applied to the withdrawals below 0.15 BTC per month.

Join coinURL and start earning Bitcoins online.

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