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[ANN]GAIA Platform Launch, 4+ POD Rating Bittrex Presale

7 years 8 months ago - 7 years 8 months ago #1 by kro55
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GAIA coin offers the security and reliability of the blockchain with an Extensible, Skinnable, Modular platform design capabilities to implement distributed markets and services. While the GAIA block chain operates in the same methodology of the traditional block chain, the GAIA Platform removed the limitations of the QT wallet, and replaced it with an entirely new concept. Coin daemon operates as an OS service accessible through any web browser, this is a new ecosystem developed around the coin daemon to provide expanded set of services and remove limitations of the block chain. The coin daemon is used by the developers only as tool that maintains the blockchain and revert focus on the creation of a platform that supports the e-commerce and development part of the currency. The block chain acts to maintain the integrity of the network, while the Platform acts to integrate a wide range of services previously not easily supported.

  • Ticker: GAIA
  • Total coins: 100 million*
  • Algo: 100% POS
  • Annual Interest: 5%
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Min transaction fee: 0.001 GAIA
  • Confirmations: 10, maturity: 240
  • Min stake age: 4 hours, no max age.
  • Difficulty retarget: every block
*Max Coins will equal coins sold in ICO

GAIA team chosen to migrate from the traditional QT interface and it’s limitations to something more flexible which will give the platform wallet the ability to utilize wildly used and adopted web technologies. Here is a list of the used technologies:
  • node.js
  • AJAX
  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JQuery
  • C++
Wallets will be available to download at the end of ICO for Windows, MAC OS, and Linux.

Bittrex will be hosting the GAIA Coin ICO. As a reminder, we are providing escrow for the development team. We are not endorsing this coin or any others on our exchange. Please do your own research before trading. Below are the FULL and DEFINITIVE terms for this ICO; no other conditions are required.
  • We will review the wallet before initially adding it.
  • We will put up for sale 100M coins at BTC0.000007. Only sold coins will be delivered at the end of the ICO.
  • The ICO will run for 3 weeks starting Monday October 6th, 2014 and ending Monday October 27th, 2014.
  • If success conditions are NOT met, all BTC invested will be refunded through a buy wall.
  • Once the ICO is over we will verify there is working wallet, blockchain, and block explorer.
  • We will hold the funds in escrow for 7 days - at which time, we will release the funds.
  • No trading of the coin will be allowed until the ICO ends and escrow is released.
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS - by participating in this ICO, you are agreeing to the above terms.
At the end of ICO GAIA team will mine the amount of coins sold on Bittrex and set that amount as max coin. The team will deliver the coins to Bittrex within 7 days after ICO is finished.

You can check information about block chain, transactions, block hash in our online block explorer or use the built-in wallet version. Online block explorer available here: GAIAcoin Block Explorer

  • RagingBull: Lead developer, computer engineering graduate currently preparing PhD.
  • Kondor: Senior software developer, C++, node.js, Qt5, PHP.
  • brombs: Web development, AJAX, bootstrap, angularJS, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3.
  • kro55: Server/Network Security, scripting, Windows/Linux/OSX administration, Systems architecture.
  • sakr: Multipool and hosting services.


  • October 27th, 2014: Wallet Release
  • November, 2014: Full QT wallet functionality
  • November, 2014: GAIA Appstore beta release
  • November, 2014: Wallet updates available on Appstore (one click install)
  • November, 2014: GAIA Appstore skins, demo apps available for download
  • December, 2014: Android wallet
  • December, 2014: Trading from wallet support
  • December, 2014: Improved app store with paid apps, and app submission service
  • December, 2014: Wallet support for extra addons(markets, trading from wallet, shopping from wallet)
  • December, 2014: External online shop with auction support
  • December, 2014: API and dev documentation
  • January, 2015: TOR support
  • January, 2015: TOR online auction stores support

Cryptothrone Review: cryptothrone.com/gaiacoin/

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