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7 years 4 months ago #1 by 111magic
Hi all.
Magi launched a very easy give-away; The Magi android app give-away.

Task 1: Download the Magi app here:
Add your walletaddress in the app and post the same address here. (Add the walletaddress in the app without a label)

Reward: 15 XMG

If you like to receive some easy extra coins check task 2!

Task 2: Post your feedback about the app here:
Magi team could use the feedback to check what kind of improvements or additions the community would like to see.

Reward: 5-10 XMG

Coins available for this giveaway 500 XMG.
Magi likes to keep the give-away fair. Fake account will not receive the rewards.

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