SOLCERT Bounty Campaign starts Thursday April 21st 2016

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We know guys its crazy right… An actual mainstream digital currency that can be used by grandma today NOT tomorrow TODAY. Yes we are starting in Hollywood but there is room to grow… obviously $60 Trillion Dollars worth of room if we are going to be the Next Dollar.

Either way our bounties will be geared towards getting the word out about the project and helping it to grow beyond the BitcoinTalk/BitsharesTalk space. We love you guys and our early supporters so lets reach out to other spaces. And solidify our media outlets as prominent players in this crypto space.

Content is expected to be shared on Reddit, Facebook groups, BitcoinTalk threads (where we are relevant to the topic (dont spam)), Alt-coin forums and any other place that is relevant. Moving forward, anywhere we type in altcoin, alt-currency, bitcoin, we should see posts on this project and its ICO. And especially the video that explains why we are starting in Hollywood .

This campaign will run for 3 weeks. Each week represents a stake unless its a bounty where performing the bounty equals a stake. You can participate in this bounty campaign until the 12th May 2016. All bounty participants MUST REGISTER HERE :


Signature Campaign — 75,000 SOLCERTs

1 Stake Per Week

This is pretty straight forward. Signatures for the campaign can be found on the BitcoinTalk thread or here in the Sig article . Add our official signatures and receive a stake every week for the next three weeks! This will allow many more people to know about New Money. All participants must have at least 30 posts by the time this campaign ends.

When you register send SollarsSolcertBounties a PM on BitcoinTalk . Once a week we go through all the private messages and write down all usernames who have our signature.

Subscribe NEW MONEY YouTube — 15,000 SOLCERTS

1 Stake Per subscription

This one is pretty simple. Subscribe to our NEW MONEY Youtube channel and be included for this bounty. How ever many people are subscribed to our channel at the end pot will be divided amongst you all at the end of the three week period.

We will note beginning and end of subscription start. We will check at random to make sure your subscription is still active and that your account was not recently created on YouTube. Your subscription must be made public so we know who you are and can check the channel. It can go private after the campaign.

Please send a PM to SollarsSolcertBounties on BitcoinTalk . when you complete this bounty with the subject line: YouTube Subscription

Facebook Likes — 15,000 SOLCERTS

1 Stake Per Like

Give us a Facebook like this place will play a prominent role once we start gearing our efforts full force at running the KickStarter. The ICO is the calm before the storm. We can see everyone who likes our page.

Please send a PM with your facebook name or link to SollarsSolcertBounties on BitcoinTalk . when you complete this bounty with the subject line: Facebook Like

Twitter Followers — 20,000 SOLCERTS

1 Stake Per Follow

Follow us on twitter at our official Twitter account . We will keep you updated about the project, our coming KickStarter and all our happenings. Everyone who is subscribed and stays registered will be eligible for this pot. Accounts that subscribe have to correspond with either an OpenLedger account. You can create a free account here. Twitter accounts cannot be created less than two months ago or have zero followers. We can see and check everyone who follows us and will correspond your account with your registration for this bounty campaign.

Please send a PM with your Twitter account to SollarsSolcertBounties on BitcoinTalk when you complete this bounty. Send the message with the subject line: Twitter Follow

Translations — 10,000 SOLCERTS

Yes we will be doing translations this time around. And everyone who participates in translation work will receive a stake in this category. One language per person.

Please send a PM with your linked translation thread to SollarsSolcertBounties on BitcoinTalk . when you complete this bounty with the subject line: Translation Bounty. Translations can be on any prominent alt-coin forum or BitcoinTalk.

Social Media Bounty: Post to FACEBOOK, Twitter, Reddit — 15,000 SOLCERTS

*notice* posts to are part of the sig campaign (see above) and are not accepted as part of the social media bounty.

Facebook: Individuals can post to Facebook groups

Other Places appropriate for spreading:

Trollbox(no more than 3 (we have to take this on faith))/IRC(no more than 2(we have to take this on faith)) channels/Reddit(link us to your post)/Facebook Crypto-groups (link us to your post or let us know the group). And any other place that can be provided with a link to the post and deals with crypto.

Content and Prepared tweets CAN BE FOUND HERE .

Twitter NOTE: you get tokens for favoriting, retweeting or making your own solcerts advertisements *that we like* with the following NEW MONEY keywords/hashtags.


NOTE: When finished with the social media bounty, Private Message (PM) the SollarsSolcertBounties on BitcoinTalk with links to the posts on Reddit, Facebook groups and twitter with the subject line “Social Media Bounty”. This must be sent by May 12th (the end date of the ICO) to qualify for this Bounty Reward.

Example of Correct Bounty Reward Submission — Bob sends SollarSolcertsBounties the following pm:

Subject: Social Media Bounty

Message: My 30 link (see below)



Send Date: May 11th, 2016

This means you should be keeping track of all of your links. When you have completed 20 of them. Message SollarsSolcertBounties with the above example submission. Your submission will equal 1 stake for this bounty.

And that is all of our bounties. Make sure to get an OpenLedger account and register with us HERE before you perform any of these bounties. As one can see 150,000 SoLCerts will be allocated to bounties. That is 1.5% of the total supply. Now realize each is potentially a Dollars worth through Sollars. This means we are very serious about getting the word out and spreading our message. And those who participate will be the ones who benefit. Thank you in advance!

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