TWITTER GIVE-AWAY MAGI (XMG) M7M CPU unigue coin of the future Finished!

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Freenode IRC: #magi | Skype: coin.magi | QQ group: 337678945 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MagiPub | MagiPay | MagiMining ( Discussion ) | MagiDev | MagiCampaign

Website | Forum | Wallet Downloads | Source code
(wallet version:

Launched on Sep. 15, 5:00 PM EST

# Minerd ( source code )
A simplified miner enclosed a few compilations: download link
Spexx's guide and miner dowloads
MarcusDe's guide and miner dowloads ( generic miner )
VPS mining , cygwin compilation (windows)
Compile and run CPU miner on Mac OS
How to run a minerd
[MagiIntro Video] - What is Coin of the Magi?
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[Donating the magi-project]
XMG: 95V9eZnrghtEriGUhBwwEuqMbDm1HBJ58u
BTC: 188AmugttD1jfy2xYNy6muTzVzYha1JEuq

01/04/2015: MagiPay internal tests;
12/31: Sharping the PoW rewarding system & updates to make PoS-II the most secure coin so far;
12/28: Magi JSON-RPC libraries for C++ and Node.js;
12/03: Preview of MagiPay - standalone payment gateway for Magi;
11/12: Magi Multipool;
11/11: MagiTeam & roadmap & plans;
11/10: Bittrex market is live;
11/09: Magi-stratum for setting up pools;
11/08: Poloniex trading and escrow service; 720,000 XMG burned ( 93m4hAxmCcGXMfnjVPfNhWSjb69sDziGSY );
11/06: Coins Source Trust Index (7/7);
10/30: MagiTor and some other updates; ; Downloads:
10/24: Mandatory wallet update [Hardfork] M7M-v2, block rewards, difficulty adjustment - Magi quantum wave (MQW) and PoW-II phase updates;
10/17: Enhancing CPU mining: M7M hardfork in testnet 10/17/2014 8:00 PM EST;
10/07: Coin swap final: total 227,140 XMG will be used for swap, that is only 0.9% of total supply; swap ratio: 16 old Magicoin => 1 XMG; coins swapped no more than 10% of total XMG in circulation, escrow will be used to hold unswapped coins: ; unswapped coins (except some bounties we paid, like translation, video, etc) will be destroyed. I believe this is very much a guarantee for the miners/investors.
10/07: PoS-II:
Coming updates & regarding coin swap;
10/02: Anyone can lead a MagiCampaign;
09/29: Proof of mining campaign;
09/28: Releasing MagiPublication ( ), new block rewards explained, statement of future plans;
[Available online]
09/26: About the new block reward and more;
09/25: Proposal of algo revision, half-closed source code, pool limiting hash;
09/24: Initiate coin swap;
09/23: Build a solid cpumining network; pls setup FREE VPS;
09/21: How does the new block rewarding system look like: fist look ; misc ( IRC ):
09/20: Need five pools to support Proof of Mining Campaign;
09/20: Mandatory wallet update v1.0.0.2;
09/19: MagiPlans and more info;
09/19: An potential adjustment of block rewards - diff;
09/18: Urgent, please repond;
09/16: XMG needed for bounties (translation);
09/16: A short summary and an issue to be resolved;
09/13: Mining test before launch;
09/13: A guide for VPS mining;
09/10: OP & coin distribution review;
09/07: About CPU PoW algorithm;
09/04: Miners, possible M7-N algo;
08/30: 2nd testnet;
08/25: cpu&gpu miners ported; cudaminer needs test though:
08/23: CPU miner is ready for 2nd test:
08/21: we got an issue, will fix and run the testnet again:
08/20 (PoS-II):
08/18: 1st testnet;
Summary of past important updates:

12/13: [glow=beige,2,300]Crypto Mining Blog[/glow]:
12/01: [glow=beige,2,300] (a bitcoin educational community startup)[/glow] (Indonesian ):
11/23: [glow=beige,2,300]BTC-Germany[/glow]:
11/15: [glow=beige,2,300]The Bitcoin News[/glow]:
11/14: [glow=beige,2,300]Coins Source[/glow]:
10/31: [glow=beige,2,300]Mundo Crypto[/glow]: La moneda de distribución justa (Spanish);
10/29: [glow=beige,2,300]The Einsteinium News[/glow]:
10/28: [glow=beige,2,300]The Bitcoin News[/glow]:
10/28: [glow=beige,2,300]Cryptos.Us[/glow]:
10/21: [glow=beige,2,300]Satoshis.Guru[/glow]:
10/19: [glow=beige,2,300]The Cryptocoin Chronicle[/glow]:

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7 years 4 months ago #2 by 111magic

Payment gateway

Coin Magi is listed in the TOP position of Coin Market App along with
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, BitsharesX, NXT, and Peercoin.

MagiPay - standalone payment gateway for Magi

How does it work?
1. A merchant creates an account at; after successful registration one can create a payment box;
2. issues MagiPay account details;
3. Integrate MagiPay to merchant's website;
4. Customer clicks the 'Pay with magi' button, MagiPay connects to server and requests for a specific payment box;
5. issues a MagiPay address and the total amount to be paid;
6. Customer sends coins to the MagiPay address;
7. Once the payment is received and confirmed, the server informs the successful payment;
8. After 1 hour upon the payment is received, the server automatically transfer the amount of magi to merchant's registered external wallet address.

What's special?
1. Fully configurable compared to the third party service provider, since we ourselves will develop and manage the system;
2. Using the payment service provided by MagiPay will be free, in comparison with cases which charge minimum 0.5%. Additional feature to make use of the free service is the inclusion of fiat/BTC-XMG conversion, which practically reduces charge accumulated during the process, where payment is done typically by, for example, the credit card.
3. Delivery:
  • Phase #1: Basic functionality, e.g., buying goods online via using XMG (end of December or so)
  • Phase #2: Embedded with advanced features (survey, see blow)
  • Phase #3: The inclusion of the fiat/BTC-XMG exchange.

Survey of advanced features:

PoW phase I: block 1 - 50,000; block rewards between 5 and 300 XMG
PoW phase II: block > 50,000; block rewards between 3 and 50 XMG
PoS-II: initiated at block 10080 (see following details)
(Disable PoS-II)

A network-dependent rewarding system: proof-of-mining ( )

arxiv is an e-prints. it has received paramount attention in the academy: [Begun on August 14, 1991, passed the half-million article milestone on October 3, 2008. By 2012 the submission rate had grown to more than 7,000 per month].


XMG: 95V9eZnrghtEriGUhBwwEuqMbDm1HBJ58u
BTC: 188AmugttD1jfy2xYNy6muTzVzYha1JEuq

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7 years 4 months ago - 7 years 3 months ago #3 by 111magic
MAGI (XMG) the unique next generation coin. Twitter give-away Finished:
Task is very simple: make a NICE tweet about Magi (XMG). Post the twitter link and your wallet-address here.
Follow @103tango or @coinmagi

Nice tweet: reward 3 to 5 XMG
If the tweet is very good or is retweeted much you have a change to double or triple your reward!

Rules: Tweet must contain at least 10 words. Fake twitter accounts will not be allowed.

This give-away is published on more websites.
You can only get rewarded for one tweet, so post your best one here! ;)

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