Trade like a pro with BullX on Solana, Base, Ethereum, Binance, Blast and Arbitrum! Best Telegram Hybrid bot!

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Trade like a pro with BullX, the fastest and cheapest (with our invite link) bot for trading crypto, meme tokens, and pro tokens over Telegram or the web interface!


Master Solana and Multichain Memes and Tokens and get the AIRDROP with 5x bonus.

This master trading bot is fire!

* Exclusive access invite with discount fees and 5x airdrop perks:

Here’s why it’s the best trading bot on the market:

Lightning-Fast Execution: Click, and boom! Your trade is executed in 2-3 seconds. It’s like having a cheetah on steroids!

Multi-Chain Support: Trade on all the chains you want; there is no need to switch between platforms like a confused monkey. (Ethereum, Solana, Base, BNB, Blast, Arbitrum)

Limit Orders: Set your price and chillax, BullX will take care of the rest.

Pump Fun Dashboard: The ultimate playground for degens like you. It’s like having a VIP pass to the crypto carnival!

Cheapest Fees: Save your hard-earned cash for more important things, like Lambos and diamond hands. Right now, you can only join the beta through an exclusive invite/referral link (linked on top), which also gives you access to lower fees and a 5x multiplier for the airdrop.

It’s like getting a VIP ticket to the crypto lottery!

Join the BullX and improve your trading today like a degen legend!

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