Don’t Miss Out on Space ID’s Second Airdrop: Get $150 to $500 Guaranteed!

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Space ID, the innovative name service network for multiple blockchains, is back with its second airdrop, offering a guaranteed reward of $150 to $500 for participants. If you missed their first airdrop, this is your chance to join the web3 domain revolution and secure your share of Space ID tokens ($ID).

What is Space ID?

Space ID (ID) provides a name service network for various blockchains, such as BNB Chain and Arbitrum. With Space ID, users can register their own web3 domain across multiple blockchains. The first airdrop, Voyage Phase I, saw domain holders receive 100 to 300 $ID tokens, equivalent to $105 to $315 (1 ID = 1.05 USD at ATH).

The Second Airdrop

Space ID has announced its second airdrop, where it will distribute 7.3% of its total supply. By registering a domain, participants are guaranteed to receive $100 to $300. Space ID is a trusted project, supported by Binance and CZ, and has previously delivered on its airdrop promises. They have also announced a DAO and quarterly buyback and burn programs to boost token prices.

How to Participate in the Space ID Season 2 Airdrop
To join the airdrop, follow these steps:

1. Register a Domain on Space ID:

  • Go to and connect your wallet
  • Click on “Domains” and select “.bnb”
  • Search for your desired domain name
  • Register an unregistered name only
  • Pay the registration fee (around $5 to $6, and you’ll be refunded the extra amount)

2. Claim Your Mystery Box:

Referrals can also earn you a box, increasing your rank. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the Space ID community and secure your share of the airdrop rewards.

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