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Opalcoin - Committed Team and Encryption Suite

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Opal coin [OPAL] is a cryptocurrency backed by a new team of committed members who wish to see the coin succeed. The Opal team consists of several experienced members of the altcoins community with skills ranging from coin development and programming, to website development and marketing.

Opal coin Team has fulfilled the first part of their road map, bringing new features such as: New Redesign on Wallets, Opacity Encrypted Messaging, OPAL Multipool for Market stability, Proof of Developer (Cryptoasian), and Exchange/Trading in wallet and Anonymous Transactions.

From the Opal Team:

Opal believes that privacy is imperative in today’s current climate. Our research has shown that it is not only payment systems that are monitored and tracked, but all online platforms including file sharing and social media.

We’re advancing privacy forward with Opacity Encrypted Messaging, a revolutionary way to contact others without the risk of third parties intercepting your information. Privacy is essential in modern times, and this is why we are proud to announce the newest addition to our Opacity Privacy Suite.

Opaque addresses are a new take on the proven technology of stealth addresses. Opaque addresses are easy to use, built into the wallet, and ensure privacy without sacrificing utility.
Thank you for supporting us, and we hope you enjoy our new addition as much as we do.
~The Opal Team

The Opal team is now focused in developing the second Road Map, which will bring the next features:

The team is committed to seeing Opal succeed and will work hard to ensure this happens, at the moment the team is working in the development of an app store and the HTML5 wallet.

Web site:
OPAL Tips:  oPR9gNB8BQ1QGgthptQzUTRfuAuiV7pbGs
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