Introducing the Pyme Airdrop: A Fun Way to Earn Rewards through Web3 Marketing Platform

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Pyme is an innovative web3 marketing platform that enables users to earn tokens, NFTs, and various on-chain and off-chain rewards by completing quests. The more quests you finish, the more Pyme Points you accumulate, which can later be spent on rewards of your choice.

Here’s how you can get started with the Pyme Airdrop:

  1. Register for Pyme: Head over to the Pyme website and Sign up.
  2. Claim your Pyme Passport: After registering, visit your profile and click on “Claim Reward” to obtain your Pyme Passport. This passport is similar to a Gitcoin Passport and is your entry to the exciting world of Pyme quests.

*Note: Ensure that your Twitter account has a profile picture and at least one follower. If you face any issues, visit your Twitter settings, disconnect Pyme, and reconnect. If the problem persists, create a ticket on Discord and wait for support to assist you.

  1. Complete quests to earn Pyme Points: The more quests you finish, the more Pyme Points you gain, which can be used to select quests and spend rewards.
  2. Hold a Pymian or Astro NFT for quest Eligibility (not mandatory for most quests): To be eligible for all quests, make sure you hold a Pymian (Ferazi or Obia) or Astro NFT. These NFTs come with various perks, such as access to all quests, DAO and voting rights, and access to pre-sale token sales.
  3. Refer friends to earn more Pyme Points: Share your referral link (available on the Pyme website) with friends to earn more Pyme Points. The more friends you refer, the more points you accumulate. Remember, only those who complete onboarding and claim their Pyme Passport will count toward your referrals.

Embark on this fun and engaging journey with Pyme and unlock exciting rewards by completing quests. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a pioneering web3 marketing platform and grow your crypto portfolio.

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