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10 Cryptocurrency Communities To Unite To Form Powerful Crowdfunding Platform

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The Einsteinium Foundation (EMC2 ) is embarking on a truly ambitious project that will likely change how cryptocurrency (CC) is viewed outside of the CC universe.

EMC2 is a cause-coin with a mission to find and fund worthy science research, education, and development projects.  The original plan allows for 2% of all coins mined to go to a fund for that purpose, which is fine if market values for the coin are 1000+ sat, and if we only want to fund one campaign a month.  But if our objective is to make greater impact we need to augment the system.  Recently we found that through crowdfunding we are able to achieve multiple beneficial goals: firstly we could raise funds from the CC universe and the outside world for our campaign beneficiary, we could attract positive attention to EMC2, and we could provide a vehicle for drawing attention to other CCs via sponsorships.

“I designed a way for multiple CCs to work in a unified fashion such that all CCs involved enjoy higher CC visibility, increased CC utility, stronger CC market pricing … “ said Armis, the President of the Einsteinium Foundation, “… all while responsibly raising funds for many different types of worthy causes.” he concluded.

The platform will accept all publicly traded CCs, and up to 5 different fiat currencies.  Sponsorship is integrated in many aspects of the site: profile, perk, and campaign.   Every membership account is verified, every campaign is reviewed by management, and every coin-community is closely monitored for production excellence.

The first phase of the program starts with 10 coins: 3 spaces are reserved for cause-coins, 3 spaces are reserved for game-coins, and the remaining 4 spaces are reserved for highly active communities with strong work ethics.

All communities are strongly encouraged to apply only the most impressive will have the opportunity to be included in the program.   Each coin listedwill likely represent an exceptional investment opportunity.


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