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Wednesday, 08 October 2014 00:00

ARCHcoin - The ARCH Profit Network

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The ARCHcoin Profit Network is revolutionary method designed to build a highly efficient business model on the blockchain that guarantees profit distribution from visionary product sales, services and enterprising crypto investments, a system designed by an experienced Architect with acknowledged trading expertise in crypto-currency markets.

While most new alternate crypto-currencies aim at being the next bitcoin with little to no chance of success, the Archcoin Profit Network aims to create an integrated business mechanism that channels FIAT from outside the crypto-currency ecosystem, BTC from the exponential increasing new bitcoin users and ALTCOINs from successful trading, into ARCHcoin.

This business model will not only fund highly profitable investment niches (ARCHprojects), from construction to visionary product design to hedging, but will integrate them with advanced blockchain services that will exclusively benefit those that matter in the Archcoin Profit Network:
You the stakeholder

Archcoin just opened a new ANN at forum: making them one of the first coins to move their ANN outside of the BitcoinTalk forums.

Some of the Specs:

Algorithm: Scrypt [100% Proof of Stake]
Total initial supply: 16 180 339*
Variable Network-Stake-Dependent Interest: 3% to 20% year
Block time: 60 seconds
Min Coin Age: 1 day (24h)
Block Maturity: 50 blocks


ARCH Tips:  AHLaAG6DTUUrEHqkop6tepFegwbzWzwbk8
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