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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 00:00

DogeBlack - SHA256, graphic services and more

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DogeBlack [DOGEBC] is a Decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency algo SHA256. The project aims to try to fulfill the original ideas of people who like to play with digital currencies while at the same time doing it with anonymity on the web.


DogeBlack payments between users are really fast, The total amount of DOGEBC expects to reach 400 million coins and the coin base maturity is very fast,  every block of DOGEBC pays 10,000 coins, rewards will be halved at block 20000. They are still working on the expansion and development of the coin and the good news is that it has gained a lot of trust and support from the fans.

Paper Wallets

Prepared for new Markets

First markets focus is the creation of new shops, graphic services where you can pay for graphics like; logos, web design, graphic design for developers of new coins or services, wallet payments prepared for: WIN, Linux, SRC, and many to come.

It has an active community behind, the developers are in constant contact with the community and offering bounties for new services and resources.


Coin type: SHA256
Halving: at block 20000
Reward/block: 10000

Web site:

DOGEBC Tips: 1FP1JKLswmvqdXaNGVnhpD21vhdpnkNoc8


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