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Thursday, 02 October 2014 00:00

ShadowCash - The First HTML5 Wallet, ShadowSend V.2, Top of Anonymity Release 1.2

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After more than 500+ developer hours, we've completely reworked the Satoshi client framework from old and busted into the new hotness. Our initial goal for this release was to create a user and developer friendly experience, while keeping privacy a cornerstone of the project.

We believe we’ve succeeded and our new interface is the foundation that will shape the future of the Shadow ecosystem.

Introducing Shadow, the wallet experience will never be the same.

Shadow resembles more modern application frameworks both on the frontend and the backend. We’ve taken a different approach to our privacy counterparts at DarkWallet. Instead of building a wallet into a browser framework, we’ve built a browser framework into a wallet.

The entire front end is written in HTML5/CSS3/JS using QtWebKit widgets and C++. The result is a more interactive and streamlined Shadow experience for the end user. We've made sure not to put passwords or anything insecure in Javascript or Html, so your information is just as safe as the prior client. To our knowledge, this is the first “cryptobrowser” to hit the scene. Although there isn’t actual web browser functionality, the application framework is there to build applications that run on top of the Shadow network. In the future we’ll be releasing a ShadowSDK for interested developers and entrepreneurs.

The new interface includes all of Shadow’s previous innovations: dual key stealth addresses (ShadowSend), encrypted messaging (ShadowChat) and our simplified payment verification system (ShadowLite). It also includes UI improvements on existing CoinControl technology.

Our next step for the will be integrating the new interface into our mobile line (ShadowGo) as well as adding features to improve upon the new interface.

Coin Control

Q: What is Coin Control?

A: When you send coins to someone else, the Shadow client randomly chooses which of your addresses will send the coins. With coin control you can choose exactly which of your addresses will be the sending addresses. More specifically which of your unspent outputs will be the sending inputs. (More info)


Shadow’s advanced P2P encrypted messaging system is back with a massively redesigned front end. The new interface is more modern and user friendly. Unlike other messaging platforms, ours has no central server routing messages; everything is encrypted end-to-end and P2P. Setting up a new conversation with a friend, colleague or business associate has never been easier.

To get started you’ll need an address and a public key.

  • 1. Create an address
  • 1a. Your public key will be created

That’s it! Share your address and public key with your desired counterpart and begin communicating privately and securely.

To begin a conversation with someone, you’ll need his or her address and public key.

  • 1. Select the “ShadowChat” tab and click “Start Conversation”
  • 2. Enter their SDC address into the “address” field
  • 3. Enter their name or alias in the “name” field
  • 4. Enter their public key into the “public key” field
  • 5. Select the “Start conversation” button

All done! You’ve successfully created your first ShadowChat conversation! Enjoy chatting knowing that “Big Brother” isn’t listening in!


The product of over 400 developer hours - our Simplified Payment Verification system is still going strong, reducing sync times by orders of magnitude. To take full advantage of “thin mode” use the following directions:
     1. Close your Shadow Client
     2. Open up a text editor (Sublime, TextWrangler)
     3. Enter the following:
          a. thinmode=1
          b. thinstake=1
          c. thinfullindex=1
     4. Save as shadowcoin.conf in your Shadow directory
          a. Windows
                    i.    C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\ShadowCoin (Vista and 7)

          b. OSX
                    i.    ~/Library/Application Support/ShadowCoin/

           c.  Linux
                    i.    ~/.shadowcoin/

     5. Reopen your client
Done! Your client should now be in “thin mode” and you can enjoy the benefits of a shorter sync time, while still securing the Shadow network.

Shadow’s Future

     When we started working on the interface, we wanted to develop a friendly experience for the end-user. While a unique user experience is commendable, we saw an opportunity to develop a platform that also made it easier for contributing developers to work with; something absent from other crypto-currency projects. This is when the wallet development shifted and became framework development. We believe we’ve succeeded on both fronts with our latest release.
     In the future, we’ll be releasing a digital distribution platform like GooglePlay to allow developers to create apps or games for the platform using a ShadowSDK that takes full advantage of Shadow’s privacy technology. This will allow for an entirely new generation of privacy-focused zero knowledge applications.

ShadowSend 2.0 (SS2)

     Research and development is well under way for our upcoming ShadowSend update. Our dedicated privacy technology developer, “tecnovert”, has been successful in implementing the latest advancements in zero knowledge cryptographic primitives. Rest assured, our unique implementation will be unrivaled.

ShadowChat v2 Update

     The voice, video and file attachment ShadowChat update was pushed back so we could focus on the core framework. Our decision to focus on the core will increase long term usability for ShadowChat and provide a better experience for the end user.

Thanks to our Community!

     Ultimately, our work here gives Shadow one the strongest foundations in the cryptocurrency space and will support the building of a new Shadow economy, not bound by prior programmatic restrictions. Our community is also equally important to that foundation. We want to give a big thanks to everyone in the Shadow community for sticking with us during our last development cycle, everyone that helped contribute to and test this release. It was no doubt the single biggest effort made towards the project. Without your support this release would not have been possible. We look forward to shaping the interface based on the community’s feedback!

Web site:
IRC: #shadowcash
QQ Group: 62174060
Lead Dev: rynomster
SDC Tips: SXhbxyZZksfvH1y71bDq6FEAp8XCpYG5j7
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