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Sunday, 14 December 2014 00:00

HTML5 Coin - Press Release

Thanks you all for supporting HTML5 coin for the past 2 weeks. Social Media Campaign has launched successfully and has attracted a lot of attention. We are still giving tons of H5 away until the budget run out, so make sure you check out the bounty list. There has been so much going on within our HTML5 community. Our developers have been working none stop on HTML5 project to get as much progress as possible. Check below for some of the highlight of HTML5 coin top events for December.

  1. HTML5 mobile wallet:
    • It is only a few days away before HTML5 coin mobile wallet release. We are in the last few steps of testing mode as we want to make sure the app is flawless.
    • HTML5 android wallet will be the first X15 POW/POS cryptocurrency mobile wallet. I`m not surprise because we are already the first of so many other thing in Crypto :).
  2. HTML5 partnership with cryptobizmagazine:
      • Cryptobizmagazine will feature all HTML5 news, update and announcement on their website, of course in video format :).
      • So for those folks that hate reading you can now watch HTML5 coin news on Cryptobizmagazine for H5 latest update.
      • First feature episode here.
  3. H5 Exchange Site expansion:
  4. HTML5`s King and Queen of troll award: (troll at Cryptsy please!!!)
    • We created a troll contest with the top price of 1,000,000 H5.
    • The most anticipated member who talk about HTML5 the most on exchange site`s troll box will have a higher chance of winning the 1 million H5.
    • We recommend that you troll at Cryptsy as there are more FUD :) and it is easy for us to identify the most anticipated member.
    • Sign up now by leaving a reply on Twitter follow the link below, please include your TrollBox`s username and the exchange site you gonna troll at.  .
    • Let`s get trolling !!!!!!
HTML5 Tips:  HMqdCM9ubvPReP8kLfohpYAgpAMvapewRR
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