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[ANN] AgentMile ICO: Second Airdrop Starts Today

4 years 6 months ago #1 by ccedk_pro

Second Airdrop Starts Today
Today, AgentMile opens up the second airdrop.

AgentMile’s first airdrop was a huge success with 88,961 people signing up in just over 24 hours. So hurry up and jump in today to save your spot as it this one will be over in just a day or two!

To get started, please go to the Telegram bot @AgentMileAirdropBot and follow the on-screen instructions. There, you can find the detailed information about the airdrop and the participation rules as well.

AgentMile Referral Bonus
Use the OpenLedger referral link to sign up, buy the AgentMile ESTATE tokens and get an immediate 5% bonus for your purchase. Read more about the AgentMile Referral Program here.

About AgentMile
AgentMile helps independent brokers, global brokerages, and landlords to list their commercial properties on the blockchain-powered MLS. The game-changing product offers enhanced leasing capabilities, management, and reporting to resolve the major industry’s challenges with the help of blockchain tech. OpenLedger partners with AgentMile and serves as the advisor and the escrow provider on its initial coin offering.

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