Magi World Online Campaign! Multiple give-away!

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Magi World Online Campaign!

Magi (XMG) the unique coin of the future
launches the Magi World Online Campaign
This multiple promotion campaign rewards current community members by receiving some extra XMG and offers new members the opportunity to become acquainted with the Coin of the Magi and receive their first XMG for free.
The tour consists of multiple assignments for which you can receive some XMG.

Task 1) World Online GIVE-AWAY
Its a unique give-away to show that Magi lives all arround the world.

Give-away rules:

1)Make a picture, where you can see the country or city in which this picture was taken. It might also be with something unique from your country or city. Example picture football t-shirt of the club from your hometown If there is nothing unique in your environment, you can take a picture of your surroundings. Than tell the country and the city.

2)Post your own picture here on bitcoingarden.
Post your picture also on Bitcointalk will give you 2 XMG extra.

(Photos are monitored so keep it neatly and fair.
Only real pictures receive the reward. No downloads)

The first 10 responses receive 20XMG
The 11 to 20 responses receive 15XMG
The 21 to 30 responses receive 10XMG
Responses from 31 participants receive between 2.5 and 10 XMG.

The five best pictures will receive a bones. (more info about this later)
Participation can occur once and with one wallet address.

Tip: picture with Magi XMG logo !!!
This give-away matches Magi XMG.
Challenging, innovative and unique!
Do you dare?

Task 2) is very simple: make a NICE tweet about Magi (XMG). Post the twitter link and your wallet-address here on bitcoingarden.

Follow @103tango or @coinmagi
If you follow both accounts already mentioned this in your post.

Nice tweet + follow: reward 3 to 5 XMG
If the tweet is very good or is retweeted much you have a change to double or triple your reward!

Rules: Tweet must contain at least 10 words. Fake twitter accounts will not be allowed.
This give-away is published on more websites.
You can only get rewarded for one tweet, so post your best one here!

Task 3) Change your signature in your profile on bitcointalk and on Bitcoingarden.

- Make a least one constructive post in the original thread
- No negative feedback poinst, only constructive posts! Not only bump, spam, few words or only a picture.
- Keep signature for a least one week.
- Post your XMG wallet address here and add the link of your bitcointalk-post.

Reward system
- Added signature in profile for a least one week + min. one post = 5 XMG (week starts after placing post)
- Added signature in profile for a least one week + more posts in multiple sections of the forum = 7.5 XMG
- After two weeks 10 people with the best post(s) will receive "EXTRA PRICE!" ::)

If you already use this signature you only have to mentioned this in your post here. (You still have to make the post in Bitcointalk. ;))

Go to your profile and put our code as your signature:
[b][url=]Proud to be a member of [color=blue]Magi XMG[/color] community. 1st PoS-II |1st PoM | M7M CPU only. Come and join us! WALLET ADDRESS [/b]

Task 4) Mining Magi, the Coin of the Future

If you are mining Magi, post the name of your worker/account/nick here and the pool you are mining in.
Reward 7.5 XMG
You can only receive this ones.

Task 5) Social media (Not Twitter)

Post something nice about Magi on another social media, (example Facebook or Instagram)
post the link here and receive between 2.5 XMG - 10 XMG

Task 6) Delivery of new merchants / services / webshops / games that accept XMG

If you delever new merchants, websites or services who will accept XMG you will receive 100 XMG - 1000 XMG
If they us the Magi standalone payment gateway ( ) you will receive a bonus.

Task 7) New games, video's or articles will be rewarded with 250 or higher depending of the sort of game, video's or article.

Receiving this depends on the quality. Worthless items received no reward.
More info about this send me a pm.

Task 8 ) Like on facebook.

Tell you did that and post your nick (Facebookname) here and receive 3 XMG.

Task 9) Post something nice or good with link to the original Magi website ( ) on Reddit.

Make a nice post on
select in subreddit "crypto-currency".
Post the link of your post on Bitcoingarden.
Reward 5 XMG - 10 XMG
You will receive the reward for 1 post on Reddit.

Task 10) Change avatar on Bitcointalk and Bitcoingarden (both of them)

Change your avatar into one of the Magi pictures.
Reward 10 XMG


If you have questions about the tasks just send me a pm.
Thanks for reading and enjoy the coin of the Future, Magi (XMG)

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7 years 3 weeks ago #2 by 111magic
This give-away is closed!

New one will follow soon!

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